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Guilty in home invasion

A Belleville man who was charged in relation to a home invasion has plead guilty.

Last November, several people entered a home on Moira Street West and seriously assaulted a resident with baseball bats, while wearing disguises.

They also robbed the house in the process.

Two minors and 18-year old Ryan O’Shaughnessy were charged in the incident and O’Shaughnessy has plead guilty in the investigation.

He is scheduled to be sentenced of the crimes in the fall.

Missing Seymour man

A Seymour Township man expected for work yesterday has now been declared missing by Northumberland OPP.

The Campbellford detachment were called to the 14th Line for the report of the missing 49 year old.

Mike McRee had been at a friends home on Sunday and was to be walking home around 10:30 p.m.

When he did not show up for work, police were called.

McRee is described as 5’9, 150 pounds, with a slim build.

He was last wearing a red lumber jacket, jeans and construction boots.

Women’s work week

Once again the Prince Edward and Hastings Habitat for Humanity is running a Women’s Work Week at one of its “house builds.”

Spokesperson Natalie Jenkins says the organization builds houses for people who just do not have enough money to pay market price for a house.

For the past couple of years the agency has been running a special week to encourage women volunteers to help build houses.

This week, women volunteers, including a team from Quinte Broadcasting, are helping to build a house in Picton.

No emergency at TMH

Quinte Health Care is responding to claims they almost closed Trenton’s emergency room for a staff shortage recently.

A report claimed staff was very close to shutting the doors because they could not get enough doctors.

On the Lorne Brooker Show this morning spokesperson Susan Rowe says they filled the final positions a few days in advance.


Rowe says a lot of staff take their vacation during the summer and at times they are left scrambling.

No boats, just cable

The big new marina project in Quinte West is just getting underway and if two young entrepreneurs get their way, there will be a lot more action at the mouth of the Trent River next summer.

Last night, Quinte West council supported a proposal, in principle, to build a “straight line cable” wake-boarding and water skiing facility in what is now the Robert Patrick Marina in Centennial Park.

One of the two young men hoping to open the business, Will McLaird, says cable wake-boarding and skiing is much less expensive and much more environmentally friendly because boats are not involved.

Wake-boarders and skiers are pulled around on a cable system.

The sport is growing by leaps and bounds.

The men, both local, will negotiate a rental agreement with the City of Quinte West and they hope to have their “cable park” up and running next year.

Pipeline put to bed

Discussions at Quinte West council about Enbridge pipeline 9 have come to an end.

At recent council meetings, people have been warning that a federal government process allowing Enbridge to make changes in the operation of the oil pipeline was not rigorous enough.

Some are concerned there could be oil spills from the 38 year old pipeline.

However, last night, council voted 10 to 3 against a Terry Cassidy motion which would have asked for more study and tighter controls on the pipeline.

Launching and tanning

There is a little more than just docks and a building coming to the new marina in Quinte West.

Last night, Mayor John Williams told Quinte West council that part of the marina’s plans also included a launch area for kayaks and other small boats.

Also included as part of the project is a small beach along the bayshore.

There is lots of water in Quinte West and many wonder why there are not more designated swimming areas.

Brighton council recorded

Brighton council meetings will soon be recorded, even if it does not comply with accessibility responsibilities.

Council voted unanimously to have the meetings recorded and have asked staff to buy the recorder and come up with a protocol to identify the speakers.

Recording of meetings may begin as soon as August 11.

Brighton Bill 8 debate

Ontario Ombudsman, André Marin told Brighton council last night that when Bill 8 passes, his office would be responsible for overseeing all closed meeting issue, even if a municipality has its own investigator, such as LAS in Brighton.

Marin said some of the investigators at LAS are good, while others are inconsistent.

While the office of the Ombudsman is the office last resort, he says, they could not possibly handle all 444 municipalities if they all had issues.

The good news is, recording the meetings helps with investigations.

Council approved audio recording future meetings.

Development charges change

Residential home builders in Brighton will not have to pay as much for development charges if the latest recommendation goes through.

During last night’s council meeting, a report from Watson recommended reducing the rates by 14 percent on a single family dwelling from $8,890 to $7,673.

Business would have to take up the slack with a similar increase although fees would be waived for industrial park businesses.

This is to attract business to Brighton, reducing taxes on residential properties down the road.

Developers have some outstanding questions that will be answered before final approval.

Presqu’ile testing

After months of arguing that the waters of Presqu’ile Bay need to be tested to ensure the safety of recreational users, Brighton council has agreed to ask the health unit to provide weekly testing.

Testing would let users know if the water is safe, but if the beaches are posted closed, it is user beware.

Belleville b and e’s

Belleville police dealt with some five finger discounters in the city , after a pair of b and e’s and another theft.

A stolen boat was reported taken from a Dundas Street West property.

It is a 14 footer aluminum, with a 9.9 horse outboard motor.

The first b and e happened sometime over the weekend, where a garage was hit on Pearl Street and a large amount of tools stolen.

Meantime the second happened on Benjamin Street, where a side window was forced open.

TV’s and computers were taken.

Anyone with information on these crimes is asked to call Belleville Police or Crimestoppers.

A multi-million dollar training boost

The training capabilities for crews operating the Hercules aircraft at CFB Trenton have received a major boost.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Defence, James Bezan, made the announcement at the base today that the training contract with CAE Inc of Montreal will be enhanced by $32.5 million.

It is part of the government’s overall upgrade plan for the CC-130J fleet.

CFB Trenton at RIM on the Pacific

Commander of 8 Wing Trenton, Colonel Dave Lothian, has a new post for a few weeks, deputy commander of combined forces at the world’s largest maritime exercise, in the Pacific.

Twenty-two nations, more than 40 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in “RIM on the Pacific exercise” in and around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California.

437 Transport Squadron is also deployed at the exercise, providing coalition air-to-air refuelling – much like it did for coalition forces during Operation MOBILE over Libya.

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