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Warfare Centre officially opens at CFB Trenton

The new multi-million dollar Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre officially opened at Canadian Forces Base Trenton Tuesday morning.

Th $36.5 million dollar building will house 13 different military training courses for Canada’s armed forces.

Today’s opening ceremony included a tour of the building and a rappelling demonstration.

Northumberland Quinte MP Rick Norlock spoke on behalf of the Minister of National Defence Jason Kenny.

Norlock says the military deserves the new, upgraded facility.

The near 13,000 square-metre building will have all parachutist-related courses, aerial delivery, mountain operations, rappelling, patrol pathfinder and all parachute rigger qualifications for Canada’s armed forces.

Captain Andrew Straatsma, who is in charge of airborne trials at the base, says he’s excited to finally use the new building.

Straatsma says the new building will be fully-operational this fall.

3 more Hospice board members resign

Three more board members have resigned from Hospice Prince Edward.

Our newsroom has learned that Hospice President Linda Middleton submitted her resignation this morning as did interim Executive Director Angie Jodoin and board secretary Debbie MacDonald Moynes.

This comes the day after a large group of residents called for more public input into how the board is run following the recent resignation of executive director Nancy Parks.

In an email to our reporter Nicole Kleinsteuber, Middleton states, “After careful consideration I have decided to step away from Hospice Prince Edward Foundation and the Corporation. When asked if I could step into the Chair position in January, for a short period of time, I understood that the Board was becoming a Governance Board and that the duties would be light. I do believe that some good strong bridges have been built with CCAC over the past few months and that they will continue to be a supportive part of our palliative care operation. At this time in my life I do not feel that I have further time to commit to reorganizing these current issues.”

In an interview, Middleton says because some of the stuff that came out last night regarding by-law changes, which she adds had nothing to do with her as she stepped in in January to help and now she is faced with a a flurry of “negative backlash.”

Four other board members resigned since January and only two board members remain – past president Birgit Langswich and Treasurer Mary Camp.

Our newsroom has a call into Langswich for a comment on the future of the organization.

Residents call for changes on Hospice board

Over 200 residents packed the Prince Edward Community Centre for an open meeting on the Hospice board of Prince Edward Monday June 27, 2015.  (Photo:  Nicole Kleinsteuber / Quinte News)

Over 200 residents packed the Prince Edward Community Centre for an open meeting on the Hospice board of Prince Edward Monday June 27, 2015. (Photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber / Quinte News)

A large group of County residents are sending a clear message to the Hospice board of Prince Edward that they want community memberships restored creating greater transparency between its members and the public.

Over 200 people packed the Community Centre in Picton last night to voice concerns about the recent resignation of Hospice executive director Nancy Parks.

Past board chair Mark Larratt Smith told the crowd that back in January 2014 the board approved a by-law deeming it a self-enclosed corporation – comprised only of board members.

Mark Larratt Smith

In an unanimous decision, the group decided to submit a request to the board asking to change the by-law back, to allow community members and public donors to seek membership.

Meantime, a lot of unanswered questions still remain into what led to Park’s resignation in early June.

Councillor Kevin Gale stood up as a resident and voiced his concerns about what he calls possible “bullying tactics” by the board and the South East Community Care Access Centre that may have caused Parks to quit.

He told the crowd how his dad Graham Gale received care at Hospice before he died last year.

Kevin Gale

Board members informed Hospice volunteers last week that they wouldn’t be attending the meeting.

Tools stolen from Belleville business

Valuable tools were stolen from business vehicles over the weekend in Belleville.

The thefts occurred on Parks Drive.

The vehicles were forcibly entered and the tools, which were valued at $10,000, stolen.

Anyone with information is asked to call Belleville police, or Quinte Crime Stoppers.

The library and archives will work together

A cultural study involving Belleville Public Library, the Community Archives, and the Hastings County Historical Society has just been released.

The report, commissioned last year, recommends ways the three partners can coordinate and promote services together and save money at the same time.

It anticipates the changes when the new archives opens in the library building this fall.

Library CEO Trevor Pross.


Pross says the public will benefit from the services being in one building.


The consultant’s study indicates a more efficient use of the library building with an annual operating cost-savings for both the archives and the library.

Quinte West wants TIFF

A Quinte West Councillor thinks the municipality should be walking the red carpet right alongside Toronto.

Dunc Armstrong believes that Quinte West would make a good satellite location for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Armstrong says Trenton is the original Hollywood North.


Armstrong says he has talked to staff and council about the idea.


Armstrong says they want to look at putting a plan together and approach one of the world’s largest film festivals.

Local events for Canada Day

West Zwicks Park for Canada Day

West Zwicks Park for Canada Day

There are Canada Day events throughout the entire Quinte region and the listing of events is below.


Quinte West






Centre Hastings

Tyendinaga Township

Happy Canada Day!

Work continues on sewage treatment in Brighton

Ammonia levels going into Brighton’s wastewater pollution control plant are still high, but Jeff Graham of GSS Engineering Consultants says they may have some insight into what’s been going on.

They visited East Northumberland Secondary School, thinking perhaps the 1,100 students using the facilities each day may be a contributing factor as there is a straight line from the school into the WPCP.

Meanwhile, Graham indicated there was some progress with Ministry of the Environment on allowing “fast track” approval of a number of lagoon modifications under the “Limited Operational Flexibility” (LOF) process.

These changes would include upgrading the aeration system in the aerated lagoon, continuing the Biodome pilot trial for approximately three more months, changing alum to ferric chloride, at least on a temporary basis, and adding Aqua N nitrifying solution on at least a one month trial basis to the lagoon system.

He told council that Keith Lee, the plant operator, was able to get two 25 hp aerators on loan from Norwood, and estimated costs to update the existing electrical feed system from current 100 amp service to 200 amp service at $7,500 plus tax.

He suggested they be installed on trial basis, to assess benefits of more aeration, once LOF process with MoE is complete.

“In this day and age, to know that we’re sitting with a system that is operated today with a hundred amp service is borderline ridiculous,” Walas said. “There should be a minimum 200 amp service and possibly even a gas backup with a generator.”

Graham said that continuing their investigation into the toxic substance that killed the bacteria in the biodomes, they took a sample from the  holding tank where the trailers and RVs dump waste that travels into the municipal system.

“Results have come back and the level of all the pollutants in it are extremely high, say 40 times higher than normal raw sewage would be,” Graham said of the formaldehyde levels.

“Based on the results, I think it was a very good precautionary move to take last fall to take that holding tank waste off because it’s very high strength, and even though it’s small volumes, it has a potential to disrupt the process in the treatment plant.”

He added that a better sludge management program is needed.

Approval for the LOF can be received as early as next week, and the upgrades can begin to improve the operations of the WPCP.

Barn fire investigation

Ontario Fire Marshall investigators have the left the scene of a major barn fire in Belleville’s north end, but the investigation into a cause continues.

The investigation is complex due to the intensity of the fire and the total collapse of the structure itself.

The dairy barn, two silos, and 31 cows were destroyed in the fire Sunday at 95 Denyes Road.

Damage is set at between $500,000 and $1 million.

The property was insured.

Teen charged with assault with a weapon

A 14-year-old boy has been charged with assault with a weapon and theft following an incident at a store in downtown Picton Friday night.

Around 7 p.m. officers were called to the Loonie Bin store on Main Street.

An investigation revealed the suspect had entered the store consumed a beverage and left without paying for it. According to police when a store employee confronted the suspect he brandished a weapon and left.

The suspect then returned to the store as police arrived. The suspect was arrested and the weapon seized at the scene.

The teen from Picton is also charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

His name is not being released according to the regulations of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

A boaters’ surprise for Canada Day

Boaters using the Trent-Severn Waterway will get a break on Canada Day.

The federal government has made a pitch to help attract boaters on the historic canals, the Trent and the Rideau.

For the first time ever, lockage fees will be dropped and the waterway will be free all day Canada Day.

Quinte West Mayor Jim Harrison says he is pleased to see the increased investment by Parks Canada into the system, “which complements the city’s own efforts in promoting tourism on the water.”


Mayor Harrison says the “new Trent Port Marina at the gateway to the Trent-Severn Waterway, will be an ambassador for not only the City of Quinte West, but for the system during Canada Day and throughout the boating season.”

Sailing around North America

Sandy MacPherson  prior to his sail for a cure around Lake Ontario in 2012.  File Photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber / Quinte News)

Sandy MacPherson prior to his sail for a cure around Lake Ontario in 2012. (File Photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber / Quinte News)

A Prince Edward County international  sailor has just completed another major sail.

Sandy Macpherson, who had already completed a transatlantic crossing, joined the crew of the 60-foot yacht, Oh Canada.

It sailed from Vancouver down the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal, and back up the Atlantic Ocean to Canada, bringing Macpherson’s sailing miles to 50,000 nautical miles.

Macpherson says the Panama Canal had its challenges.


He is part of a program for young sailors.


The Oh Canada has made its way up the st. Lawrence River and is now moored in Toronto harbour.

Energy award winners

Thirteen business, including four in Belleville, have received special awards for conserving electricity.

Belleville’s electricity distributor, Veridian Connections, has recognized the businesses as its ‘Conservation Champions’ for achieving outstanding electricity conservation results in 2014.

The Conservation Champions in Belleville are: · Autosystems, a Division of Magna; the City of Belleville; Quinte Health Care; and Travelodge Hotel Belleville – Holloway Lodging.

Spokesperson Melanie Walls says Veridian’s Conservation Champions Awards “pay tribute to customers who make reducing energy consumption an integral part of their business.”

Man charged for growing marijuana, OPP say

A 48-year-old man of Stone Mills Township, north of Napanee, was charged after OPP found marijuana in a County Road 14 residence.

Stone Mills firefighters attended the scene to extinguish a kitchen fire, which caused significant smoke damage to the residence.

As a result of the investigation, Napanee OPP say they located a marijuana grow in the basement.

Ninety-two small marijuana plants were seized as well as 32 grams of dried marijuana.

Jodie Daigle, is charged with production of a controlled substance and is set to appear in provincial court on August 4.

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