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Rack Stacker strikes deal with Dragons

Posted 55 minutes ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 10:23 pm

Rack Stacker, based in Tweed, manufactures a number of  deer and wildlife attractants. (Photo:

Rack Stacker, based in Tweed, manufactures a number of deer and wildlife attractants. (Photo:

It was a bit of a scary encounter with the Dragons, but it ended very well for a Tweed Couple.

Steve and Selina Elmy were on CBC’s Dragon’s Den Wednesday night pitching their assortment of Rack Stacker, deer-branded, products.

Despite some concern about the valuation of the company, the Elmy’s were able to strike a deal with franchise baron Jim Treliving.


The Elmys had originally asked for $500,000 in exchange for 15% of their company, but took the deal to help their business take a major step.

Rack Stacker’s marquee product is a mineral fountain, which can attract wildlife to your property and feed them as well.

Once the Elmys had left “the den”, the dragons had some kind words for them.


The Elmys told the dragons Rack Stacker is coming off its best year and can be found in many hunting and outdoors stores across Canada.

Steve Elmy had told the dragons he was help to get his product off the ground using equity earned through a local farm.

Tax hike likely in Centre Hastings

Posted 59 minutes ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 10:19 pm

Outside of the Centre Hastings municipal offices in Madoc. (Photo: David Foot / QuinteNews)

Outside of the Centre Hastings municipal offices in Madoc. (Photo: David Foot / QuinteNews)

The Mayor of Centre Hastings says if there’s anything that’s going to drive up the 2016 tax rate, it’s the cost of policing.

While he credited the work of Centre Hastings OPP officers and staff, Mayor Tom Deline says small towns across the province are facing similar hikes, that will effect taxpayers.


While there aren’t any big new projects on the horizon in 2016, Deline did mention a list of improvements to be made around the community.

He says accessibility improvements to the Madoc skatepark and playground are high on that list, since the park is well used by locals and has become a hidden gem for travellers as well.


And he says, as far as figuring out what the total tax rate will look like this year, it depends on what happens with the Hastings County, school board and other budgets, which are still being put together.


Any other improvements, or needed capital upgrades, will be determined from results of the ongoing asset management review.

Drones next up for emergency response

Posted 5 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 5:28 pm


Hastings-Quinte emergency services is continuing to work toward the possible use of drones in its emergency work throughout the region.

Acting chief of emergency services John O’Donnell told the joint EMS committee today  that earlier this week he and the chief of Renfrew County Paramedic Service made a presentation to the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa on the use of drones.

O’Donnell says Renfrew had an incident in which a man working in the logging industry rolled a skidder over on himself in the woods.


O’Donnell says paramedics are being trained on the use side-by-side ATV in remote rural areas in phase one of DART – Difficult Access Response Team – and he expects phase two will be the drone.

Quinte West Councillor Dave McCue questioned whether or not these drones would pose a risk since police forces and other agencies use them as well.

Hastings County CAO Jim Pine pointed out that the federal government will be involved in regulating drones.

One year on fourth sex-related conviction

Posted 5 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 5:20 pm

The Quinte Courthouse on Bridge Street West in Belleville. (Photo: Quinte News)

The Quinte Courthouse on Bridge Street West in Belleville. (Photo: Quinte News)

A Belleville man convicted of exposing himself to three girls under 16 years old, through the window of his home, is facing a jail term of 12 months.

Jason Charles Martin denies any wrongdoing in the case, which was his fourth sex-related conviction and will spend his sentence in jail, unless he admits culpability, or the fact he’s been diagnosed with a mental health illness.

If he does that, Justice Charles Hackland has recommended Martin spend as much of his sentence as possible at the St. Lawrence Mental Health Centre in Brockville.

In addition to the custodial sentence, Martin will be added to the DNA and sex offender registries and is facing a ban on owning weapons, or going anywhere where there are children under 16-years-old.

Money to help homeless in Hastings-Quinte

Posted 6 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 5:11 pm


Three major programs are being recommended for funding to help the homeless in the Hastings-Quinte area.

This is the third year of a five-year federal funding program providing $118,000 for the homeless and the social services committee is recommending three agencies for this year’s funding.

Executive director Steve Gatward says the money helps a variety of people.


Gatward says the department tracks the success of the programs each year.
The Hastings Housing Resource Centre will receive $50,000, Belleville Community Trust $29,000, and Canadian Mental Health Association $38,000.

The issue now goes to Hastings County Council for approval.

Cross gets jail time in Napanee sex assault

Posted 6 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 5:09 pm


The man convicted in a Napanee sex assault in 2015 was handed his sentence in Belleville Superior Court Wednesday.

Bradley Cross will serve just under two years in jail, plus two years probation, 100 hours community service and a 10 year weapons ban.

He must also submit a sample to the DNA data bank and be added to the Sex Offender Registry.

Cross was arrested and charged after an encounter with a woman he’d met on an online dating site a few years ago.

Court documents obtained by Quinte News say over the course of a night of drinking, the pair had consensual sex once, before Cross’ demeanor changed and he later forced himself on the victim and choked her.

In issuing his sentence, Justice Charles Hackland agreed that while the incident “seemed out of character for Cross”, it was still serious enough to warrant a period of incarceration.

New leader for Family Health Team

Posted 6 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 5:09 pm

Ronald Lirette

The Prince Edward Family Health Team has a new executive director.

Ronald Leerit will take the reins from former executive director Stephanie MacLaren on February 22

Lirette is a senior executive with extensive experience in the non-profit and government sectors. He has a background working in the fields of health promotion, prevention, education and support, specifically within the palliative care, addictions and mental health sectors.

“We are excited to welcome Ron as our new ED. His experience, values and working style are a good fit with our organization and we look forward to working with him as we continue to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the PEFHT in the future,” said Dr. Helen Cluett, PEFHT family physician and Board President.

Created in 2006, the team has 21 County family physicians and their office staff, plus clinical and administrative staff of the PEFHT form the team and are affiliated with a number of specialists and work closely with community service provider organizations.

A program to “elevate” people into jobs

Posted 6 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 5:00 pm


Hastings-Quinte social services will be taking part in a program to help people improve their work skills.

Today, the joint social services committee approved applying for $30,000 for the “Elevate” program.

Executive director Steve Gatward says it helps people get back to work.


Gatward says the program has a success rate of 78%.

The funding application is being made under the Eastern Ontario Development program through Trenval Business Development Corporation.

National Defence research study coming up

Posted 7 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 4:16 pm

Crews bring people and animals out of a flooded property on Sanctuary Lane in Foxboro during the 2014 flood. (Photo: Tim Durkin/Quinte News)

Crews bring people and animals out of a flooded property on Sanctuary Lane in Foxboro during the 2014 flood. (Photo: Tim Durkin/Quinte News)

The Hastings-Quinte area may soon be the subject of a critical infrastructure study in connection with possible major disasters.

Developers of a “critical infrastructure” study have approached Hastings County with the idea of doing a study to show what effect a major disaster would have on the area.

The project is part of the Canadian Safety and Security program of the National Defense research division.

Acting chief of emergency services John O’Donnell says the scenario chosen is the effect of a major flooding over the entire county.


He says the developers want to take on the project as part of checking out their product.

The joint emergency services committee is recommending county council approve taking part in the study.

County Councillor wants more family doctors

Posted 7 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 4:00 pm

Bloomfield Ward councillor Barry Turpin.

Bloomfield Ward councillor Barry Turpin.

If councillor Barry Turpin has his way more doctors will be calling Prince Edward County home in the near future.

The Bloomfield ward councillor is in talks with local doctors and working to develop a group to study recruitment.

Turpin says one doctor is leaving and others are retiring soon so a group is needed to entertain and show them both the advantages of working and living in the County.

He adds the high senior demographic isn’t the only reason behind the need.

Barry Turpin

The County now has 21 family physicians.

Turpin says right now they are deciding whether or not to bring this to council with the doctors involved or have a private meeting. The goal is to get this initiative included in the upcoming budget.

Oak Hills to stay as golf course

Posted 9 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 2:13 pm


We finally know the owner of the Oak Hills Golf Club.

Quinte News has learned that Farnsworth Construction Ltd of Stirling has signed a deal to take over the 36 hole course.

Farnsworth President Andrew Gunning says it will remain a golf course.

He says the 36 holes will stay and they intend to fix up the high and low courses, to provide an enhanced player experience.

Gunning adds that the site was mismanaged over the last decade and that will stop.

A new sister company will be created called “Oak Hills Golf Club Ltd” and its staff will operate and manage the site, underneath the Farnsworth umbrella.

Gunning says they intend to repair the clubhouse and the house on site, however the future use of the home is unknown.

The site is close to 200 acres and Gunning says they may construct a few houses on the site, but it will remain first and foremost a golf course.

The official sale will take effect in late February.

In December, the property was put up for auction, however no bid was made for the property.

Focus tightens for TMH task force

Posted 11 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 12:18 pm

(Photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber / Quinte News)

(Photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber / Quinte News)

The Trenton Memorial Hospital Implementation Task Force has a lot of work to do over the next few weeks before coming up with a business plan for the creation of a “health hub” in vacant space at the hospital.

The preliminary business plan is to be ready for the provincial government by sometime in May.

Ideas for the 33 thousand square feet of space include a centralized physio and occupational therapy centre, amalgamation of some programs like diabetes, nutrition, smoking cessation, lab work, administration, group meeting space, and primary care.

Task Force members will now concentrate on listing what services and personel their organizations could locate to TMH, and at the same time meetings will be held next month with architects and engineers regarding possible renovation costs.

They will also check on the operation of other “health hubs” in communities with similar populations.

The Task Force is made up of people from Quinte Health Care, the Southeast Local Health Integration Network, the Southeast Community Care Access Centre, Addictions and Mental Health Services, the VON, the Trenton Hospital Foundation, the Belleville Quinte West Community Health Centre, the Brighton Quinte West Family Health Team, and OurTMH.

Belleville gas stations guilty of price fixing

Posted 12 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 10:48 am


A settlement fund has been created for those who may have paid too much for gas in the Quinte region.

A lawsuit was filed over gas price fixing between four companies in Belleville, Kingston and Brockville in 2007.

The allegation is Canadian Tire, Mr. Gas, Pioneer and Sunoco station officials contacted one another and agreed on a price for gas.

Charles Wright with the Siskinds Law Firm in London, says the companies plead guilty to the allegation, under the Competition Act.

There is now a fund, worth $1.3 million, where individuals or businesses can submit a claim.

You need to provide information that you purchased gas in the Belleville, Kingston or Brockville area between May and November 2007.

More information is available by clicking here

Hastings County cashes in on tourism

Posted 13 hours ago

Wed, Feb 10th, '16 - 9:34 am


Tourism in Hastings County is a money maker and they have the numbers to back it up.

The Ontario Ministry of Tourism has released the numbers for 2012, which shows nearly 2.6 million visitors to Hastings.

Of those 2.6 million, more than one million had overnight visits.

About 25,000 are from other Canadian provinces, with close to 54,000 coming from the United States and almost 17,000 from overseas.

How does that translate to dollars?

$260 million were spent in Hastings County in 2012.

One in three visitors come and fish or go boating during their stop.

Finally the majority of dollars are spent on food and drink.

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