January 11th, 2018 by

Class action suit against late orthodontist moving forward

An order to continue a class action lawsuit, against the estate of a late former Belleville orthodontist, has been granted and the case will move ahead.

Kris Bonn of Bonn Law tells Quinte News the order was granted just before the holidays and a letter has been sent to the lawyer of Garry Solomon’s wife, of the intent to continue the suit.

Bonn says no response has come back from the other side, but that’s not unusual, given the time of year.

He says they’ll wait another few weeks and write to them again, with the next step to meet with a class action case management judge, to set a date for a certification hearing.

Bonn says the process from when they get a response, to when the case is certified, could take up to a year.

While the civil case is proceeding, criminal charges against Solomon were withdrawn last October.