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Zeroing in on downtown parking

Belleville Councillor Jack Miller at city council, November 14, 2017 (Photo: Mary Thomas/Quinte News)

Belleville has set a process in place to take a serious long-range look at its parking issues in the downtown, including the possibility of a parking facility.

The downtown parking committee presented a list of nine long-term recommendations to city council on Tuesday  night.

High on the list were: to review rates, and eliminating  parking in the Riverside lot.

Councillor Jack Miller told Quinte News “there’s been a long discussion for a more pedestrian-friendly, more park-like atmosphere along the perimeter of the Moira River. In order  to do that we have to reduce parking in the area. In order to do that we have to find it elsewhere.”

Miller says the options are “very limited and that makes a parking garage a real possibility.”

Also, Miller says the city is trying to  attract residents downtown. In order to do that he says “we are going to have to provide overnight parking options. Right now, they are minimal. This all works toward a parking garage.”

Councillor Mitch Panciuk said there is very little money in the parking reserve. He says a parking garage should also involve the private sector and not be supported by taxpayers.

Council approved in principle the recommendations, and extended the mandate of the committee to the end of the council term in 2018.

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