June 4th, 2018 by

Pot project on its way to Belleville council


Flourish CAO Michael Smith appearing before Belleville’s Planning Committee, June 4, 2018 (Photo: Mary Thomas/Quinte News)

A proposal to develop a medical marijuana production facility in Belleville’s Northeast Industrial Park has passed the first hurdle.

Global Citrus Group plans to develop a 200,000 square foot facility on University Avenue, in the former Exxon Mobil building.

CAO of Fleurish Cannabis, Michael Smith, told Belleville’s Planning Committee Monday night this company will focus on medicine for women in terms of relieving┬ámenapausal pains and sleep-related PMS.

Smith said there would be 45 to 50 jobs before the end of 2018 and 200 jobs by 2019 in the grow and extraction facility, and an estimated $250 million business by 2020.

He outlined the strict security demanded by Health Canada, including eight-foot high fencing and multiple entry passes.

Following the meeting, Councillor Paul Carr told Quinte News it was helpful that the actual operator of the facility was present to explain the work.


This was a reference to a previous failed applicant for a research marijuana project for the Nortel building that did not have officials present.

Carr said security at the industrial site would also be easier to accomplish.


Councillor Egerton Boyce, who spoke a number of times in favour of the Nortel site proposal, spoke in favour of the Flourish proposal.


CAO Smith emphasized the Health Canada rules which include noise levels, odor control, and no selling of pot.

In answer to a number of questions from Councillor Mitch Panciuk, Smith noted about 38,000 kilos of the marijuana will be grown locally as well as some brought in to the facility. He pointed to the strict security demanded by Health Canada. He noted the facility will be focused on women, the first in Canada, which will be a giant target in the market place.

The company is in the midst of completing a similar facility in Kemptville, Ontario.

Chair of Planning Councillor Jackie Denyes, who voted against the Nortel site proposal, said she supports this plan.

The Planning Committee voted to recommend that city council approve the rezoning for the medical marijuana production facility.