February 14th, 2018 by

Environmental Tribunal done with turbine issue


File photo: Quinte News

An Environmental Review Tribunal Hearing into the wpd White Pines industrial wind farm proposed for the south shore of Prince Edward County won’t be happening.

The Tribunal hearing was to have been held last Monday, but Quinte News has learned that the ERT cancelled the hearing based on motions from the Ministry of Environment and wpd White Pines on January 26.

The matter is closed and the Tribunal will give written reasons for its decision at some time in the future.

The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, or APPEC, had appealed to stop the nine turbine development from going ahead based on potential harm to human health and to the habitat of the Blanding’s Turtle.

In a separate but related matter, APPEC and wpd White Pines are still awaiting a court decision regarding the legality of a contract between wpd and the Independent Electricity System Operator.