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Train time in Trenton

Passengers get on the Via train in Trenton (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)

It was not as quiet as usual for people taking the early morning VIA train to Toronto Monday morning from the Trenton junction.

The Mayor of Quinte West Jim Harrison was on hand serving up coffee and treats to those waiting to board.

The event was staged in celebration of the 15th anniversary of VIA rail deciding it would re-open its small station in Trenton, after closing it down for about 6 months.

Quinte West Mayor Jim Harrison was on hand for the event and says people are utilizing it.

Jim Harrison

This passenger does not need a ticket (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)

Dave Dinkle has been using the Trenton stop for years.

He says before that he was commuting to Cobourg.

Dave Dinkle

Resident Michele Walkou says having it is a big win.

Michele Walkou

Trenton resident Eric Camolese led a public campaign involving petitions signed by close to 4,000 people to bring passenger rail service back to the community.

The Trenton stop for Via rail (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)