July 12th, 2018 by

PEC looking for solutions to complex affordable housing crisis

Preliminary results of the Prince Edward County Rental Vacancy Survey were provided on Thursday to council. (Photo: Amanda Smith/Quinte News)

While there isn’t a silver bullet to fix the housing crisis, Prince Edward County staff are working hard to find ways to tackle the issue.

Director of Community Development Neil Carbone told Prince Edward County council during their Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday the affordable housing crisis won’t work itself out.

He said since 2013, homes have increased 70% in price while income has only increased by 10%.

Carbone did provide some of the results of their rental vacancy rate survey and says they are finding the rental rate is 1.5 per cent, which is in line with what they anticipated.

The presentation was helping to make the case for a County Affordable Housing not-for-profit corporation.

He told council they need to put something in motion that will have lasting impacts.

A more detailed report is expected from Carbone later this month.