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QuinteVation partnership creation

QuinteVation is looking at helping local companies reach their potential, and a recent summit in Vancouver has reinforced that message.

Last week, over 150 accelerators, which look to grow and attract business, met in B.C. to talk about how they can take a business and support it to grow and attract new employees.

Ryan Williams with QuinteVation says their main goal is to bring experts together with local companies to prepare for the future.

Ryan Williams

He says they are reaching out to companies who identify themselves as high stage growth.

Ryan Williams 2

He says for six months, companies would financially support the idea, however Williams says they will get much more in return.

Ryan Williams 3

Companies that are interested are asked to contact QuinteVation Executive Director, Mary Doyle at mary@quintevation.caor CLICK HERE for their website.

Ryan Williams (l) and Mary Doyle, who have created QuinteVation (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)