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PHOTOS: New toy for CFB Trenton

Lieutenant Matthew Brinn and MP Neil Ellis look at the new aerial fire truck for CFB Trenton (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)

Canadian Forces Base Trenton has a brand new machine on site, and it will never leave the ground.

On Wednesday morning, MP Neil Ellis, CFB fire officials and other dignitaries were on hand to officially show off the brand new aerial fire truck (Aerial Fire Fighting Vehicle).  It is one of nine that is being rolled out nationwide before April 2018.

The federal government spent nearly $19 million on the vehicles, which feature a 115 foot, 360 degree ladder.  The truck can pump more than 2,000 gallons of water a minute.

With the recent infrastructure upgrades at 8 Wing, there were some portions of buildings that were not accessible for fighting fires.  The new truck can reach even the top of the brand new Hangar, along Old Highway 2.

It will also be used by the 59 firefighters on base, for rescues when needed.


MP Neil Ellis at CFB Trenton’s fire hall (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


MP Neil Ellis says the new truck is about safety.

Neil Ellis 1

Ellis says it is a critical tool for our service men and women.

Neil Ellis 2

Canadian Forces Fire Marshal Lieutenant-Colonel Lee Goodman says this truck keeps within their policy of strong, secure and engaged.

Lee Goodman 1

More with Goodman.

Lee Goodman 2

More photos are available below.

(Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)



Corporal Corey Gaw showing some of the new features for the aerial fire truck at CFB Trenton. Lieutenant Matthew Brinn looks on (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Lieutenant Matthew Brinn shows MP Neil Ellis the new aerial fire truck at CFB Trenton (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)