PHOTOS: Yardmen arena update

Work continues at the future home of the Ottawa Senators farm club.

Friday morning at Belleville’s Yardmen Arena, media were given a tour of the facility and the work currently underway.

City Project Coordinator Peter Lyng says a lot of work is getting done quickly.

Peter Lyng

Project Coordinator Peter Lyng (l) (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Belleville Senators Vice President Roger Lajoie says it is incredible the progress.

Roger Lajoie

Sens VP Roger Lajoie and Councillor Jack Miller walk the Yardmen floor (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)

City Councillor Jack Miller says the work’s scope is impressive.

Jack Miller

The former elevator shaft of the Yardmen arena (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)

The north west corner of the rink (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


(Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


The Belleville Bulls bench remains, with a panel from the old score clock in the background (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Councillor Jack Miller, Sens VP Roger Lajoie (two closest), media and project officials in front of the Yardmen Arena (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


A view from the second floor north end, through the concrete to ice level (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


(Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


A wall separates the former Belleville Bulls locker room and their hallway (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Media, project officials and city staff take a tour of the south concourse area (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


(Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


A trench dug in the floor of the arena (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Seating from the north end leans against the wall (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


The Belleville Bulls workout area, offices and dressing rooms lay empty as work continues. (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Workers bust a hole in the north wall so they get an idea of what they will have to knock down come the spring. (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


(Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Belleville man calling for Mayor’s removal

Mayor of Belleville Taso Christopher (Photo: Quinte News)

A Belleville man has filed a Notice of Application, requesting the removal of the Mayor of Belleville from his office.

Quinte News has learned that Gary Davidson, has filed a Notice of Application in Ontario Superior Court, claiming a conflict of interest for Taso Christopher.

It is related to a capital budget item, focusing on a proposed roundabout at Farnham Road and Maitland Drive.

In October, the city held capital budget meetings, where council and staff discussed numerous topics, including increasing the budget for Mineral Drive and Maitland Road project (which includes the roundabout) by $1.75 million.

During the first day of talks October 25th, 2016, Mayor Christopher excluded himself from discussion on the roundabout, however when it came to discussion and vote the second day of talks (October 26th, 2016), he did not step away from the table.  Christopher voted in favour of the staff recommendation, on a recorded vote of 7-2.

Davidson alleges that Christopher stood to gain financially from the roundabout, because the city would need to acquire land to construct it. Davidson says a numbered company (1576275 Ontario Inc), which Christopher is a director, officer or shareholder of, owns 427 Farnham Road.

As part of the required land needed for the project, the Application says the city would need to buy the land. It continues saying because the city needs the property, it could increase the value of the land.

In the Notice of Application, Davidson is calling for the removal of Christopher from his position as mayor, prohibit him from running for 7 years, and make him repay personal monetary gain (plus interest) from the purchase. Davidson’s requests are the maximums called for under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. Davidson, a Belleville resident is also requesting His Worship cover court costs.

The Applicant says he became aware of the alleged conflict of interest on December 9th.

Quinte News has reached out to Mayor Christopher and are waiting a response.  Gary Davidson and his lawyer Tony Fleming declined to comment.

A hearing is taking place June 30th, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

None of the claims have been proven in court.

Avaya files for bankruptcy protection

An international telecom giant, with an office in Belleville has filed for bankruptcy protection

Quinte News has learned that Avaya, which has a location in the former Nortel property on Sidney Street filed for chapter 11 Thursday.

The company states it commenced a restructuring to help with the viability.

A spokesperson for the company says it will remain business as usual for operations and the Canadian locations will continue to remain as is.

He adds that the filing was strictly to work on debt restructuring.

Cruiser damaged in Quinte West

A 31 year old Brighton man has been charged after a routine traffic stop turned ugly.

At 2:45 a.m. Thursday, Quinte West OPP pulled over a vehicle on Wooler Road.

A passenger was not wearing a seat belt and after a records check, he was found to be in breach of probation.

He was arrested and while in the back of the cruiser, he began kicking the doors, so much they could not be properly closed.

The Brighton man’s charged with mischief and two counts of failing to comply with a probation order.

He is in Belleville court today.

Stolen County vehicle, Belleville man charged

A man from Belleville has been charged, after a stolen vehicle from The County was found near Morrisburg, east of Brockville.

On December 30th, OPP received a call about an erratic driver on the 401.  As police tried to stop the vehicle, the driver took off.  The vehicle was found abandoned at a marina on the St. Lawrence River in Morrisburg.  The vehicle had driven through closed gates.

It was discovered the vehicle was stolen from Prince Edward County on December 21st, with the plates originating the vehicle to an owner from Quinte West.

The OPP say the driver was 31 year old Eric Vining from Belleville.  He has been charged with possession of property obtained by crime, flight from police, dangerous operation of a vehicle, mischief, breach of recognizance and others.



BDIA elects new Chair

Changes aplenty at the Belleville Downtown Improvement Area board.

On Wednesday morning, the board held their elections, with Dwayne Barratt of Barratt’s Office Pro being elected as the new Chair.

Paul Dinkel of Dinkel’s Restaurant is moving into the seat of Vice-Chair, while realtor Jamie Troke is the new Treasurer.

The remaining spots on the board will remain as is.

Cancellation day again!

(Photo: Tri Board Student Transportation)

(Photo: Tri Board Student Transportation)


All Tri Board buses in the area are cancelled today due icy roads and freezing rain

All buses in Northumberland County cancelled

Buses running to Christian schools and Albert College are cancelled.

Mohawk bus lines have cancelled runs today.

Central Hastings transit, both runs not in operation today

Little Minnows preschool at Trenton High

Community Care of Central Hastings Friendly Active Living at Trinity United Church in Madoc is cancelled

Quinte News talks to Scott Quick’s lawyer

Just 24 hours after Brighton’s Scott Quick was released from custody, Quinte News talked with Quick’s lawyer Patrick Ducharme.

Monday morning in Windsor court, the Crown told the judge that there was not enough evidence to try Scott Quick in the death of 40 year old Nancy Quick (ex-wife), who was struck by a hit and run driver near Windsor in 2006.

She died of her injuries five days later in a Detroit hospital.

On Tuesday, Ducharme told us that Quick is relieved and happy to be out of jail. He added that Quick is not angry about the last two years.

In a CBC report Quick said his time behind bars was hell, however his attorney says he has not said anything about seeking legal retribution against the police or the crown.

Ducharme says he was proud of the prosecutors and how they told Nancy Quick’s family that there was not enough evidence for conviction. He said the fact that the investigation got past the preliminary stage was wrong.

We asked Ducharme about the crown’s decision not to move forward. He tells us there was no way that Quick could have stolen the van, because he was taking his son to the dentist. The timeline did not match up he says.

Ducharme says for now Quick will remain in the Windsor area.



Truck takes on gas pump

A Dodge Ram pick up beside a gas pump on Old Highway 2, east of Bayside (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)

A Dodge Ram pickup beside a gas pump on Old Highway 2, east of Bayside (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)

A gas station on Old Highway 2 was out of commission Tuesday, after a truck crashed into it.

The call came in around 10:45 a.m. to the Ultramar west of Montrose Road.

Quinte West fire and OPP were called to the scene.

No report of injury at this time.

Campbellford accident victim identified

The man killed in the industrial accident in Campbellford has been identified.

Provincial police say a man was working between two parked transport trailers Monday when one unit’s front legs slipped.

The trailer slid into the other trailer, trapping the worker between the two units.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

He is 18 year old Bailey McDonald of Campbellford.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating.

Murder charges against Brighton man dropped

A Brighton man who was charged with first degree murder in the death of his estranged wife, is a free man.

Monday morning in Windsor court, the Crown told the judge that there was not enough evidence to try Scott Quick in the death of 40 year old Nancy Quick, who was struck by a hit and run driver near Windsor in 2006.

She died of her injuries five days later in a Detroit hospital.

In December, the judge announced there was enough evidence against Quick to stand trial, but the Crown’s office decided against it Monday.

According to the CBC, Assistant Crown attorney Brian Manarin said it was “physically impossible” for Quick to have stolen the vehicle that killed his ex-wife.

The Brighton man had been in jail since March of 2015 and described his time in jail as hell.

Assault with a weapon

A 54 year old Marmora woman is facing some serious charges after allegedly assaulting her former spouse.

On Friday afternoon, Central Hastings OPP were called to a complaint on Highway #7, west of Marmora, where the victim was assaulted with a weapon.

The suspect was arrested around 4:00 p.m. Friday in Sharbot Lake.

She is charged with harassment and three counts of assault with a weapon.

The male victim was injured in the altercation.