PHOTOS: Water fowl, wet, wild waterfront

The Bay of Quinte is riding high, as CJBQ Morning man Matt Mitchell describes, the highest he has seen ever!

This morning Quinte News went for a walk down the waterfront by Meyers Pier to get a look at the water and where it is!

Water comes up through a grate at the Anchorage building in south end Belleville (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


These ducks seem to be enjoying the shallow, warm water in Belleville in the shore of the Bay of Quinte (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Water slams into Meyers Pier (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


South Church Street, South John and South George are covered (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


No cars are allowed in the flood zone (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Mother and father goose are keeping a close eye on the little ones, at the trail (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


You can receive an $85 ticket for driving through a flood zone like this along the south of Belleville (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)

Fraud victims get some justice

(Photo: Facebook)

A Belleville man has received his sentence, after pleading guilty in a fraud investigation.

31 year old Martin More received a 25 month prison term this week, related to fraud dating back to 2009.

In July last year, city police were called to a Herman Street home, regarding a neighbour dispute.

An elderly man, who has since passed away, was defrauded of around $250,000

More has been charged with fraud over $5,000, theft of a credit card, false pretenses over $5,000, and possession of a group 1 controlled substance.

Justice Geoff Griffin sentenced More to 15 months, on top of time served, two years probation, a DNA order and he was ordered to repay over $70,000

Sandbanks getting a blue flag

Sandbanks Provincial Park. (File photo: Quinte News)

Sandbanks Provincial Park has received a big environmental distinction.

The Prince Edward County park has received the Blue Flag, for international eco-certification.

Sandbanks is the second Ontario beach, along with Wasaga to get the honour from Environmental Defence.

Environmental Defence Program Manager Brett Tryon says not only does Sandbanks have stunning beaches and dunes, but the park has great environmental education programming, responsible habitat management, accessible facilities, and excellent water quality

To receive a Blue Flag, beaches and marinas must meet high international standards in water quality, environmental management, environmental education, and safety and services

Good baby box underway

Good Baby Box Coordinator Bev Heuving displays some of the baby food items for sale at a reduced price at their office at 65 Station Street in Belleville. (Photo: Michael J. Brethour)


The Community Development Council of Quinte says the 18th Annual Good Baby Box Food Drive is underway.

The CDC brought in more than 11,500 jars of baby food last year and they’re hoping for a big drive this time around.

Program Coordinator Bev Heuving says the program helps provide access to baby food, formula, diapers, infant cereal and other specialty items for those in Hastings and Prince Edward County.

Heuving says you can donate items at their office at 65 Station Street in Belleville.

You can call them (613) 968-2466


Tyendinaga celebrating 150

We all know it is the nation’s 150th anniversary.

Numerous municipalities are doing what they can to celebrate, including Tyendinaga Township.

Clerk Steve Mercer says they’re looking at numerous different games for August 13th to 19th.

Steve Mercer 1

Mercer says they still have some preliminary meetings to finalize details.

Stay tuned to Quinte News and we will release them once they are known

PHOTOS: Yardmen update

The north wall seating steel continues to be erected (Photo: Project Manager Peter Lyng to Quinte News)

Work is continuing at the Yardmen Arena as the city and officials prepare for the Belleville Senators and the American Hockey League.

The former Belleville Bulls dressing room is no more, as support beams are all that are left (Photo: Project Manager Peter Lyng to Quinte News)

Steel for the standings on the north end of the rink (Photo: Project Manager Peter Lyng to Quinte News)


The former Belleville Bulls dressing room (Photo: Project Manager Peter Lyng to Quinte News)


(Photo: Project Manager Peter Lyng to Quinte News)


The gondola at the Yardmen Arena (Photo: Project Manager Peter Lyng to Quinte News)



Remembering a Napanee teen

Fifteen year old Garrett Mills of Napanee

It will be a time for crying and sadness, but also a time for celebrating the life of a teen, who according to his father, was “a bright shining light”.

Garrett Harrison Mills died suddenly Friday night, while at a park along the Napanee River.  The 15 year old was with two friends when the tragedy took place.  No other details surrounding his death have been released. He was a student at Napanee District Secondary School.

Garrett’s father David says he was someone who made him smile every day.  David Mills says he cannot thank everyone enough for their kind support in this tough time.  He adds that although he, his wife Gwen and their family cannot respond to all messages of support received, they are being read and are greatly appreciated.

The family will receive friends at the Wartman Funeral Home – Napanee Chapel (48 Camden Rd, Napanee) on Thursday, May 18 from 2 – 4 p.m. and 7 – 9 p.m.  Funeral Service will be held in the Chapel on Friday, May 19 at 11:00 a.m.  With the large expected turnout for the funeral, has will be changed to Evangel Temple at 320 Bridge St.

Donations made in memory of Garrett are available at the Scotia Bank (Account #055460452084).  Cash or credit card are accepted at the bank or at Wartman Funeral Home or the Napanee Humane Society.

Kennedy named OCSOA President

Theresa Kennedy Twitter


A Superintendent with the local Catholic school board is getting the name President on her business cards.

Theresa Kennedy is now the President of the Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers’ Association.

She has already served on the OCSOA’s Executive as Vice President and as a regional rep.

It will be for a one year term.

Kennedy is a Superintendent of School Effectiveness with the Algonquin Lakeshore board.

Fentanyl ODs at Quinte Detention Centre

Inmates at the Quinte Detention Centre (Napanee) say there have been 10 fentanyl-related overdoses in the last week.

They describe the mood within the facility as chaotic.

A spokesperson for the facility confirmed that three people were taken to the hospital last Sunday, but wouldn’t say why, citing the inmates’ privacy.

The spokesperson also confirmed lockdowns at the detention centre as a result of employees refusing to work due to safety concerns.

Boat overturned in The County

(Photo courtesy OPP Marine Unit)

There was a water rescue Monday morning in The County.

Around 8:30 a.m., the OPP, Prince Edward Fire and paramedics were called to Hiscock Shores Road in the Wellers Bay area, near Carrying Place

A boat had overturned and a man was in the water.

The Marine Unit brought the man to safety.

EMS took the man for treatment.

Jail time for Marmora man

(Quinte News File Photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber)

A man has been sentenced to 2 years in prison plus 12 months probation following a police raid in Marmora last year.

In October 2016, Central Hastings OPP stopped a vehicle in Stirling-Rawdon and shortly after, officers along with K9 and Organized Crime Enforcement units raided a residence on Forsyth Street in Marmora.

Police seized various illegal drugs, a large amount of cash and a few recreational vehicles.

33 year old Brent Gerard, 26 year old Lauren Gerard, and 33 year old Robert Thompson were charged.

They are all from Marmora.

Late last week, Brent Gerard pleaded guilty to extortion and was sentenced to 2 years in jail.

He has already served 201 days in custody. Other charges were withdrawn.

All charges were withdrawn against Lauren Gerard while Thompson remains before the courts.

Build Belleville open house

Downtown Belleville signage greets visitors travelling onto Front Street from Dundas Street. (File photo: Quinte News)

There is an open house Tuesday which will focus on upcoming work in downtown Belleville.

The meeting is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is meant for the public, particularly stake holders in the area of Bridge Street East between Front and Pinnacle.

Project Coordinator Dana Barnett says the main focus of the meeting is to showcase the work on the first stage of work in Phase 3 Stage A.

Barnett says you can meet the contractor and project team and those who will be working in and around the businesses and homes.

The water and sewer upgrades, road resurfacing, sidewalks and lighting will be shown off.