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Those who would lead

Incumbent councillor Steve Ferguson is running to be Mayor of Prince Edward County. (Photo/submitted)


My business background includes senior sales, marketing and executive positions in the entertainment distribution and retail merchandising industries. From introducing Warner Home Video operations into the Canadian market to developing a national multi-branch distribution organization for Astral Bellevue Pathe to overseeing retail merchandizing operations in the U.S., Canada and the UK, I’ve built and led local, national and international teams.

On a personal level, I share my life in Prince Edward County with my wonderful partner of 28 years, Mary Malone, and often with my children, Andrew and Sara, as well as my four grandkids who love to visit us in The County.

For Mary and I, it was never a question of where we wanted to put down roots, it was a question of when we would make Prince Edward County our home.


In 2014 I was honoured to be elected councillor for South Marysburgh, the Prince Edward County ward that I call home. In addition to my municipal responsibilities, I deliver editorial services to clients in Prince Edward County, elsewhere in Ontario and across Canada.

Many people who make Prince Edward County home participate in some form of volunteer activity and I am no exception. As municipal councilor for South Marysburgh Ward, I am Council representative for The Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce and the Heritage Advisory Committee. I am the current president of the Prince Edward Historical Society, past president of the Milford Fair Board, and I am the editor and publisher of The South Marysburgh Mirror.


Throughout my business career and during my term as a member of Prince Edward County council, I’ve built a reputation for building consensus – taking time to analyze problems and issues from multiple angles and perspectives – and assessing the impact of my decisions on the broadest range of stakeholders. We have a highly diverse community in The County and our municipality requires leadership capable of thoroughly examining the many variables that impact decisions.

Prince Edward County is undergoing tremendous change and, as such, we have challenges as well as opportunities to address, among them:

healthcare, medical doctor recruitment and long-term care that supports all generations, in particular, our large population of seniors and soon-to-be seniors

affordable and attainable housing to retain residents as well as attract newcomers

our unparalleled success as a visitor destination and the opportunity to ensure that our towns, and villages have the support needed to sustain year-round livability as well as economic stability

a simplified approach to doing business with the municipality of Prince Edward County

sustainable job creation as well as youth opportunities

ensuring that our agricultural and historical heritage – why so many of us choose to make The County our home in the first place – are respected and sustained

Meeting our current and future objectives will involve working with our new provincial government. It will also involve utilizing our greatest strength – the knowledge and experience of Prince Edward County community members from Ameliasburgh to Waupoos – and everyone and everywhere in between.

The decision to run for mayor of Prince Edward County is not one that I made lightly. Every day, I consult with colleagues, family, friends and community members and organizations to understand what people expect of me as a leader, and I work hard to deliver on my current responsibilities as a councillor, volunteer and small business owner.

I have the experience, leadership capability and integrity to lead Prince Edward County forward. With your support, I’m confident that I’ll deliver on the integral needs of The County, its residents and businesses as your mayor and leader.

Incumbent councillor Dianne O’Brien is running for Mayor. (Photo/submitted)


I have deep family roots in Prince Edward County; five generations of my family have been raised in the County.  It’s the place I’ve
always known as “home.”

For over 30 years I enjoyed working in the telecommunications and manufacturing sectors.  Over the course of my career I had the
opportunity to learn and assume responsibility in a variety of roles.  The one I enjoyed most was that of a negotiator.  It’s been a
skill that has served me well in all areas of my life.

I am the mother of 2 adult sons and have 7 grandchildren.  When not working I enjoy time with family, baking, reading, and traveling.


I have served as a councillor for Ameliasburgh ward from 2006 to the present day.


I have a keen interest in the community and am determined to make a difference.

With 12 years of experience as a councillor, I am familiar with the issues and the stakeholders involved, including municipal staff, politicians,
business people, farmers, developers, and residents.  This experience gives me great hope.  We’re doing a lot of good things in the County but
I see opportunities to do even better!  I’ve developed a lot of contacts in both the provincial and federal governments and I’m excited about
working with all partners to lead the County to even greater levels of inclusion, diversity, innovation and prosperity.

Back in 2016, council endorsed a strategic plan that identified 5 priorities including financial stability, business-friendly environment,
maintenance of a rural and historic character, stable employment, affordable housing, and strong community healthcare.  These are
still important priorities and we have to continue to strive to complete these goals.  That’s why I’m running to be Mayor.

I believe there are opportunities to make the County more affordable by encouraging small businesses and helping them thrive.  I am committed
to supporting the growth of small and family owned businesses because they are the lifeblood of the local economy, creating jobs and supporting

Prince Edward County is transitioning from a small rural community into an internationally acclaimed destination area.  It’s critical we have strong leadership to steer the transition smoothly.

I have the background and experience to do this.  I understand the new, but have roots in the old.

Richard Whiten is running to be Mayor of Prince Edward County. (Photo/submitted)


I moved to the County in 2002 from Haliburton Ont.  Married to a County native,  I have five children and one grandchild. I’ve worked mainly in construction and mechanical fields with 6 years in a supervising role. I Currently own a small business in Picton.  I enjoy fishing and spending time with my family.



6 years of Parent Council at Queen Elizabeth public School.


As with all levels of government, I feel that the majority of politicians have forgotten who they are supposed to be working for. I believe that our County residents need a voice that is representative of their,  thoughts, opinions and concerns. I am very passionate about the community in which I live, work, and raise my children. Many of the issues this County is facing at the moment require both immediate and ongoing attention. They also require people with the drive to preserve our sense of place while looking to the future and manage progress.

I believe that I can be that voice that our residents need. I also believe that I can identify with all of the demographics presently within our community. I want to be a positive change for the people and businesses alike.