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Those who would lead


Incumbent councillor Egerton Boyce is running to be Mayor of Belleville. (Photo/submitted)


Son of Bev and Gerry Boyce, I was born and raised in Belleville. Attended Loyalist College and graduated in the Law and Security Program specializing in the policing and Correction streams. For 32 years, I have been fortunate to work with youth at high risk in various open custody and detention facilities being a positive role model and instructing them in various programs such as conflict resolution, problem solving, group dynamics, and life skills. Last year I received my provincial volunteer award for ten years of volunteering with Christmas Sharing. I also spent a number of years volunteering as a community policing volunteer in Belleville and was a member of the original group of volunteers. I enjoy a number of recreational activities such as kayaking, camping, mountaineering, and biking. An avid cyclist, I have worked hard with fellow Council members and the public establishing safe biking routes throughout the city.


I have been blessed to have been elected to Council initially in 2003 and then re-elected in subsequent elections. As a youth, I worked on various campaigns municipally for my former employer George Zegouras.


This municipal election will see a major change in the composite of Council due to some seeking another role within Council and some retiring from Council. The elected Mayor will need to be able to work effectively with all members to provide guidance and ensure that Council becomes a cohesive, inclusive, respectful unit.  The Mayor will need to have the political experience and the knowledge necessary to ensure that the Council remains positive and without personality issues that create negativity.  My experience on Council has been beneficial in terms of creating a positive working environment for all fellow Council members. I have been fortunate to have sat on many of the committees throughout my tenure and have the personality necessary to lead a group of enthusiastic Council members.  My priorities include ensuring that the city attracts adequate physicians. That the city embraces small businesses and ensures we work to create a city where businesses will want to come and invest in. I want to establish a strong strategic plan for the waterfront by establishing a partnership between private and public investments.   I want to ensure that our Arts and Culture community  is appreciated as an essential part of what makes up the city. The affordable housing crisis and rental shortage needs to be addressed.  Active transportation such as increased bicycle lanes and multi purpose trails need to continue to grow. A better working relationship with stakeholders such as the school board and neighbouring municipalities needs to occur. At the end of the day, I want to be able to have helped create a community where my daughter upon post graduate education will be able to live here. Belleville is truly a beautiful city to live, work, and retire in.


Incumbent Mayor of Belleville Taso Christopher. (Photo/submitted)


Taso was born and raised in Belleville and has been a resident of River Road in Corbyville for the past 25 years along with his wife, Betty, and three daughters. Taso graduated from Quinte Secondary School and Humber College and has been an owner/partner of the local sporting goods retailer Four Seasons Sports for more than four decades.


Taso was elected Mayor of Belleville in October 2014 after serving two terms as a Ward 2 Councillor.

Taso served our community as a Ward 2 Councillor from 2006-2014 and has an in-depth knowledge of how the City of Belleville operates as a municipality. He has first-hand knowledge of the challenges that face our community and the people that live here.

In addition to his role on City Council, Taso has been the Chair of the Police Services Board, Co-Chaired the Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival and has been a Member of the City of Belleville Planning Committee, City of Belleville Audit Committee, Library Board, Eastern Ontario Mayors’ Caucus (EOMC) and Ontario Small Urban Municipalities Executive Committee (OSUM), Director, Veridian Connections and Chair of the Veridian Belleville Development Committee. Taso has also been a Member of the Greek Community Board of Directors, Chairman of the QHC Cancer Gala and President of the Quinte Ethnic Festival Council.

Taso has been an important part of Belleville’s progress in the past decade including these important projects:

Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre

Integrated Court House Building

Doctor Recruitment Program

BuildBellevile Infrastructure Deficit Program

Veteran’s Memorial Bridge

Shorelines Casino

Belleville Senators


Four years ago, I asked you to believe in me and the vision that I had for Belleville. It was critical that we invested in our infrastructure and that if we made that investment, we would see growth. In business. In people. And in opportunities.

We made the bold decisions to take control of our failing infrastructure, to say yes to a casino that would bring millions of dollars into our community, to make the investment needed to bring a professional hockey team to the city and to invest in opportunities to attract new business.

Because of those bold decisions, Belleville has record unemployment, taxes that have been in line with the cost of inflation, growing property values, is an attractive place for business investment and all of the indicators of a successful city.

MoneySense Magazine recently called Belleville one of the best places in Canada to retire and one of the top places in Ontario to live.

With our high quality of life, low cost of living and outstanding local amenities, people are discovering what we have known for years. Belleville is a wonderful place to live, build a business and raise a family.

The stage has been set for Belleville to continue its growth as a world-class city. This is not the time to let our foot off the gas.

I am asking for your trust once again in this election and my bid to continue to be the Mayor of our wonderful city.

Let’s continue to grow together responsibly and thrive as a community in 2019 and beyond.

My vision for the growth of Belleville in 2019 and beyond includes a revitalized waterfront area that will attract people, tourism and investment to one of our best but under-utilized assets. I will promote a regional transit system that will enhance healthcare, local employment, education and economic development and I will continue to promote our successful Doctor Recruitment Program until every resident has a family doctor.

What does Belleville look like for you in 2019 and beyond? Now is the time to decide.

Former Belleville councillor Jodie Jenkins, seen here with his wife Shauna, is running for the Mayor’s job. (Photo/Quinte News)


Resident of the area for 37 years.

Married to Shauna, daughter Jacobie (4), son Jubal (2) and a third child on the way in March.

GM of Oldies 100.9, a radio station in Brighton.

Avid golfer who loves being on the course with his family and friends.


City Councillor in Belleville, Ward 1 2010-14
Federal Conservative Candidate 2015
Previously a provincial NDP candidate


I’m running for Mayor because I’m passionate about public service and I care deeply about the long-term future of this city and I want to put my experience to work for this community.

Shauna and I are raising our family here. We want a future for them that includes the opportunity to raise families of their own, right here in the City of Belleville. I believe the next generation should have every opportunity to prosper without having to leave to find those opportunities!

I know, how to get things done.

Together, with a group of passionate individuals, we have spearheaded a private initiative to address the need for emergency shelter in the city. The project is called the Grace Inn. I want to put that experience to work at city hall.

It means that under my leadership, we will bring a different approach to how our city addresses challenges.

It is my hope, that you will join me in a campaign to set a new course for our city.

It’s a campaign to make life in our city more affordable.

It’s a campaign to create exciting new job opportunities.

It’s a campaign to build a city where we can watch our children raise families of their own.

I believe, for Belleville, the Best is Yet to Come!

Incumbent councillor Mitch Panciuk, seen here with his wife Lisa, is running to be Mayor of Belleville. (Photo/submitted)


My family and I moved to Belleville to open the local Boston Pizza franchise in 2001. My wife Lisa and I have since built a thriving business, raised our three daughters, walked our dog Cooper (a lot) and fallen completely in love with Belleville.

I have a long history of community service in Belleville, most recently as a City Councillor (since 2014). I am a former President of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Quinte Economic Development Commission, Vice-President of the Belleville Agricultural Society, a member of the Quinte Health Care Finance Committee, and President of the Bay of Quinte Basketball Officials Association.

I also serve as an elected Franchisee Advisory Council representative for Boston Pizza International representing Ontario locations and have wide-ranging experience on a number of Committees within the company.

I enjoy traveling with my wife including the annual CJBQ Cruise. I am a sports enthusiast, enjoy watching sporting events live, enjoy attending concerts and when I have time I like to play golf at our local courses.


Mitch Panciuk was elected as a Belleville Ward City Councillor in 2014.
Mayoral candidate in 2010.


Over the past four years I have had the privilege of representing my neighbours and have had the opportunity to help many people with a wide variety of issues our residents face. This has been a great learning experience and has also shown me how much more we need to do as a City going forward.

I’ve returned all of my phone calls and e-mails and dealing with resident’s issues. I have always been available and approachable to residents and enjoy interacting with members of the public on all issues.

Over the next four years we need a more collaborative approach starting with our Mayor and I am willing to work with whomever Belleville citizens elect to City Council this October.

I propose an eight point plan to help move Belleville forward:

Dealing With Our Housing Crisis

Supporting A Healthier Community

Including Everyone in our Community Investments and High-Speed Internet for All

Moving forward with making Belleville the Safest City in Ontario

Increasing Green and Recreational Space

Improving Customer Service

Open, Honest Government you can Trust

Paying for it!

If I am chosen as Belleville’s next Mayor residents will get a professional, responsible and collaborative leadership style which is best suited to lead our City government.

We need a better Belleville for tomorrow and a more vibrant and inclusive community that our children want to remain in. I want to be the person who leads our City in achieving this.