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Locals “take back the night” for sexual violence victims

Organizers Leah Morgan of the Three Oaks Foundation and Ellen Carlisle of the Sexual Assault Centre of Quinte & District say that coming together, raising awareness about sexual violence and creating a community feel are the hallmarks of what Take Back the Night is all about. (Photo: Brock Ormond/Quinte News)

Sexual violence awareness was placed on centre stage at Lion’s Park in Belleville for the 27th annual Take Back the Night rally Thursday evening.

Close to 100 women of all ages and their supporters marched and chanted through the streets of Belleville in solidarity with each other, while also sharing personal stories in an attempt to end myths surrounding sexual and domestic violence.

Event organizer Leah Morgan of the Three Oaks Foundation explains why the event is important.

Leah Morgan

Fellow organizer Ellen Carlisle of the Sexual Assault Centre Quinte & District says this event happens all over the United States and Canada, not just in the Quinte area, which means thousands of people are affected.

She adds involving more men as supporters in recent years has helped make the event more of a community effort.

Ellen Carlisle

A bold sign is lofted high and proud by a participant in the Take Back the Night march and rally in Belleville Thursday evening. (Photo: Brock Ormond/Quinte News)

The Sexual Assault Centre and the Three Oaks Foundation came together with Warrior Women of Quinte and the Paths of Courage Healing & Retreat Centre to make this event happen.

For more information and help outlets, go to the Sexual Assault Centre website