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Belleville woman receives prison time for 2015 attack

(Photo: John Spitters/Quinte News)

A 28-year-old Belleville woman will serve 18 months in jail for an unprovoked attack on a man
at a North Front Street bar in November of 2015.

In Superior Court Friday, Mr. Justice Patrick Hurley accepted a joint submission from both the
Crown and defence attorneys that Tara Arsenault get the prison time plus two years probation, and a 20
year weapons ban along with other conditions.

In February, Arsenault pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.  The stab wound was a serious one and
the victim had to be treated at Kingston General Hospital.  Judge Hurley said the wound was just over
three millimetres from severing a major blood vessel and that the victim was lucky to be alive.

The victim continues to be anxious in crowded situations and still suffers pain from the wound.

Arsenault was highly intoxicated on drugs and alcohol at the time of the attack and has an admitted
drug problem

She has attempted but so far failed to complete an addictions treatment program.

The judge is recommending she be sent to a prison where in-house treatment and counselling is available.

Arsenault has expressed sincere remorse for her attack and Judge Hurley noted that she has plans to attend
post-secondary education in the future and urged her to complete her rehabilitation so she wouldn’t be appearing in
front of a judge again.

Meanwhile, Arsenault was also sentenced to three months in custody in the Ontario Court of Justice earlier in the day
for breaching probation and possessing a dangerous weapon (knife) while at the Quinte Detention Centre in 2015.

That sentence will be part of the total of 18 months given in Superior Court.

Arsenault will continue to appear before the court in Bancroft after being charged in June with assault, assault with a
weapon, mischief,and theft.

She will appear in Bancroft court in the near future to deal with those charges.