July 13th, 2018 by

ROPE warrant out for man who may frequent Colborne

Stuart Gatt is wanted by the Provincial Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement Squad. (Photo: Submitted / OPP)

The Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement Squad has put out a bulletin for a 52-year-old man who is known to frequent the Colborne area.

Stuart Gatt is serving a three year, three month sentence for armed robbery and robbery-related offences.

He’s described as white, about 6’2” and 169 pounds, with brown hair, a grey goatee and blue eyes.

Authorities say he’s also known to spend time in Ottawa.

Anyone who comes into contact with Stuart Gatt should contact the ROPE squad (1-866-870-7673), Crimestoppers (1-800-222-8477), or call 911.