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Local reaction to Ontario throne speech

An empty legislative assembly (Photo: ontla.on.ca)

Poverty round table wants follow through on “prosperity for all”.

The Ontario throne speech on Thursday touted a commitment to increasing prosperity across the province and the head of the local poverty round table says that’s great news, as long as it’s shared prosperity.

The Poverty Round table of Hastings and Prince Edward’s Christine Durant tells Quinte News there are a couple of highlights that caught her eye, in listening to Thursday’s speech from the throne.


But she says it comes down to how the government follows through on those commitments, especially announced commitments to improving public transportation.


Community Development Council is worried the most vulnerable will be left behind.

The executive director of the Community Development Council says there will be a lot of people left behind in this budget.

Ruth Ingersoll said she thinks our government should worry about the most vulnerable in our communities.


She says those that are living in poverty are worried and they can’t continue to live as they are.


Ingersoll says they will continue to work with the government and MPP Todd Smith and make sure they are heard and hopefully make some changes.

Businesses will benefit from some government policy changes.

The manager of the Quinte West Chamber of Commerce says the provincial government’s new approach to “practical spending” should benefit businesses.

Suzanne Andrews spoke to Quinte News with reaction to the PC throne speech on Thursday.

She says the throne speech addressed a few areas of interest for local business people.


Andrews says while it will be hard to tell exactly what kind of impact the implementation will have locally, until new legislation is rolled out the commitment to more consultation with businesses before implementation is a good thing.


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