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TMHF hits new revenue high

Wendy Warner, Executive Director of the TMH Foundation.(Photo: John Spitters / Quintenews).

The Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation has done a complete 180 from where they were in 2016.

The Foundation has been able to pull themselves out of what was called ‘dire straits’ and told a packed Quinte West council chambers at their Annual General Meeting that their year end revenues came in with a new record for the Foundation.

Wendy Warner, the Executive Director of TMHF explains more.


The Foundation had a goal to raise $1.872 million for medical equipment at Trenton Memorial this past year.

There were a number of gifts received including $1 million  from the Wade family and the $100,000 matching gift from Maurice Rollins.

The total grants to QHC for Trenton Memorial Hospital equipment were over $1.8 million.

The funds raised through donations and special events were up 125% according to Foundation Treasurer Tina Furmidge.

TMHF Treasurer Tina Furmidge (Photo: Amanda Smith/Quinte News)

There is one very big ask on the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation’s wish list for the 2018/19 year.

They are hoping to raise $2.9 million dollars this year for the hospital and a new CT scanner makes up the bulk of that request.

Warner says she believes they can reach their goal.


Almost $1.7 million is being set aside for the scanner to replace the current one which is 12 years old and has reached the end of its life, and computer parts for the machine are no longer available.

A new scanner will provide 30-50% less radiation exposure.

The hospital conducted 6,057 scans last year.

Other items needed this year include: $402,000 for medical equipment, $46,000 to replace medical equipment, $150,000 for IT infrastructure, $72,000 for physical changes to the hospital area, $32,000 for supportive care and $65,000 for the Master Plan for Trenton Hospital.

The Foundation also said goodbye to two of its members at the AGM as John Smylie and Dan Koets completed their nine year terms.

Taking their spots are Aleesha Camp and Dr. Ashley Minuk.

Phil Wild also completed his three year term as the chair of the Foundation. Stepping up to fill the vacancy is Darrell Smith.

TMHF Chair Phil Wild (Photo: Amanda Smith/Quinte News)