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The Glorious Sons’ Brett Emmons talks Rockfest, drinking, & The Stones,

About two years ago, Belleville’s Empire Theatre decided to get an opener they did not know much about, The Glorious Sons.  Theatre owner Mark Rashotte says he was begged by record reps to bring them, so he agreed.  A lot has changed in two years.  Now the Kingston band is the first band to return three years in a row.

Rock 107 & Quinte News talked with “sons” frontman Brett Emmons, who says life has seen a lot of changes.

In just a few days, the group with be heading to Marseille France, where they will open for none other than The Rolling Stones.

Brett Emmons on The Stones


Emmons says it is a dream come true.

Brett Emmons on The Stones 2

The band has been touring to support their second album, “Young Beauties and Fools”.  Emmons says the difference between it and their first album “The Union”, is maturity, and being at a different spot in life.

Brett Emmons on both albums

The crowd in 2017 for The Glorious Sons (Photo: Tim Durkin/ Quinte News)


Emmons also opened up to us on a battle with drinking.  He says it was hard to be in social situations, without being under the influence.

Brett Emmons coming out of drinking 1

Emmons says it has gotten easier.

Brett Emmons coming out of drinking 2


The front man tells us he is looking forward to getting on the this summer road, and also play what he has called , “A Hometown Show”. The Glorious Sons will headline the final night of Belleville’s Empire Rockfest on Saturday July 28th, with “The Beaches”.

He tells us winning over promoters, venues, and fans has been the bands story, just like in Belleville over the past two years.

Brett Emmons on Rockfest

Emmons full chat with Rock 107 & Quinte News is below.

Brett Emmons The Glorious Sons