June 14th, 2018 by

PEC to support additional hospital funding request

Prince Edward County Chief Administrative Officer James Hepburn. (Photo: Amanda Smith/ Quinte News)

Prince Edward County council is committing to the $4.5 million request from the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation, but this current council isn’t deciding where the funds are coming from or how much they are contributing each year.

Earlier this year the Foundation made a request from council for $4.5 million towards the $16.5 million new build.

CAO James Hepburn brought forward a motion to council on Thursday afternoon that stated council will support the funding request but the details of the commitment would be determined during the budget process.

He suggested the County make the funding payments over 15 years to help keep the cost less than one percent of the levy.

Councillor Steve Ferguson says the hospital is the most important thing they’ve committed to and they need to give MPP Todd Smith as much ammo as possible to make sure this hospital gets built.

Mayor Robert Quaiff told those in council chambers that Smith had stated numerous times during the election the new hospital in Picton will get done, but he is hopeful it will remain a major focal point.

Council approved the recommendation.