June 12th, 2018 by

Pair of back to back Monday fires in Belleville

Belleville Firefighters dealt with a pair of back to back blazes, aside from the house fire in the east end, yesterday.

Just after noon, stations three and four responded to Putnam Industrial Road, where a cargo trailer had caught fire.

Fire Prevention Officer Dave MacMullan says the trailer had been carrying debris from a transport fire on the 401 two weeks ago and its believed the contents were smouldering, then reignited when exposed to fresh air and oxygen.

The materials had no value and there’s no word on a dollar amount for damage to the trailer.

Shortly after that, crews from the same stations were called to a kitchen fire on Mitchell Road, which caused damage to an oven, a microwave and some overhead cabinets.

Firefighters ventilated the home, which sustained about $15,000 in damage and the cause was determined to be a cooking accident.

There were no injuries in either incident.