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Temporary use by-law approved for concerts and events

Greg Verner, background, and David Raistrick speak to Prince Edward County council regarding a temporary use zoning by-law amendment for the property known as the former Cherryvale Organic Farm. (Photo: Amanda Smith/Quinte News)

What began as a temporary use zoning by-law to permit three events per year for up to five days for up to 5,000 people has seen a significant decrease.

At the Prince Edward County Planning Meeting on Wednesday night, a report was brought forward to rezone two fields owned by David Raistrick on the property once known as the Cherryvale Organic FarmĀ  to permit special events to be held on them, in particular the April Wine concert in six weeks time.

Paul Walsh, Manager of Planning, told the packed council chambers, upon staff review those numbers decreased to a maximum of 2,000.

Raistrick says the land, which is currently zoned Special Rural, is not good farming land. He plans to continue farming on other areas of his property, but has opened up those two fields at the end of his property to Greg Verner to host three events.

He says one field would be used for parking while the other would hold the event itself.

Verner says he has no intention of making the events planned into “a Havelock”.

He told council they ran events on the property last year and there were no complaints.

Twelve people spoke to this issue with their main concerns being noise and traffic control.

They also mentioned the lack of notice about this issue and how many of them were unhappy with how they learned about this notice of motion.

Verner says they have a self-imposed curfew of 11 p.m. in regards to noise control.

Councillor Jamie Forrester brought forward a motion that saw some changes to the by-law.

Acting Mayor Dianne O’Brien explains more.

Dianne Events

There would also be two events held at a maximum of 500 people. There is also to be secured fencing around the property. The temporary use permit would expire at the end of this year and then would be subject to staff review.

Councillor Gordon Fox wasn’t keen on the idea stating the event outgrew Milford and he was concerned the events would do the same in Cherry Valley.

Councillor Treat Hull then asked for noise levels to be measured and recorded at the boundaries of the property to provide council with some hard numbers.

This will come forward again on May 22 at their council meeting for final approval.