March 19th, 2018 by

Quinte West plans for active future

Council in Quinte West approved the Active Transportation Plan for the municipality unanimously on Monday night.

The plan, which will cost approximately $23.7 million over 20 years, will support a continuous and connected system of active transportation and recreation routes to connect to major community destinations.

Mayor Jim Harrison says this is a step in the right direction for a number of reasons.


He said by widening the shoulders it makes things safer for farmers who use the roads as well, therefore making the roads safer for everyone.

Councillor Karen Sharpe says this is a long-term plan and an expensive one at that, but it adds to Quinte West.

Approximately $92.5 million of the total cost has already been allocated through municipal funding identified in the city’s capital budget/planning documents, as well as projects funded through guaranteed provincial and or federal monies e.g. OMCC Program.

Approximately $21 million of the total cost is currently unfunded and will require additional consideration regarding funding options.

The Plan also says: provide opportunities for a range of active transportation and recreation uses including on and off-road facilities for those who walk, roll and bike, and facilities that accommodate varying ages and abilities; provide active transportation users well maintained active transportation and recreation infrastructure including year-round opportunities for active transportation in select locations; encourage the use of active modes of transportation not only for recreational purpose but also to support public health through travel to school, work and other frequently used destinations; integrate active transportation and active infrastructure into the day-to-day decision making when planning, designing and constructing community services and infrastructure; and adopt policies and plans that strongly support and provide priority for active transportation infrastructure, programs and initiatives city-wide.