March 12th, 2018 by

Pot farm proposed in Trent Hills

(File photo: Quinte News )

Trent Hills continues its close look at a recent request by a resident to become a licenced producer of marijuana within the municipality.

Warkworth area resident Mike Perricone appeared before council earlier this year with two options regarding his 107 acre property;  to set up a greenhouse to grow plants or establish a nursery to provide seedlings to other growers.

Trent Hills Mayor Robert Crate says staff is reviewing the zoning issues.

He says planning staff is looking at the bylaws covering such things as setbacks and the rules surrounding security, as set by the federal government. He added, “If the zoning is correct I can’t see us fighting it.”

Crate says if rules set by the federal government are being obeyed there’s no reason to say no.