February 13th, 2018 by

Trent Port Marina stats highlight busier summer

(Quinte News File Photo)

It wasn’t hard to figure out the marina in Quinte West was busier last year than in 2016.

Bob Forder, the Manager of Building and Facilities put together a report for the Corporate and Financial Services Committee that detailed just how much busier they were.

In 2017, there were 171 boat slips rented for the season, which is up 17.

The highest reservation month in 2016 was May and last year it was in fact March.

Most of the boaters were from Quinte West, but the next most number of boaters were from Northumberland followed by Durham.

The length of boaters’ stays increased as well, going up from two days to almost four days.

And the city benefited from that as the total number of visitors to the city increased by 60 people.

The peak season didn’t change, as June, July and August were the busiest at the marina.

In a month by month comparison, June was up 116 transient boaters, July was up 159 and August was up 261.

In terms of dollars and cents, it was an increase of over $37,000 for Quinte West.

There was one issue raised by boaters which was discovered by their seasonal boater survey. Eighty per cent of respondents rated the parking from neutral to poor.

The top two transient boater regions were the United States and the GTA.