February 13th, 2018 by

New phone fraud

Photo courtesy www.bbb.org

There’s a new phone fraud circulating that is hitting people hard in the pocketbooks.

Prince Edward County OPP report that several county residents have been defrauded out of thousands of dollars.

The scam involves a phone call from someone acting as a retailer and telling the victim that a credit card has been compromised.

The fraudster tells the victim to call 9-1-1 and their financial institution to report the credit card problem.

It seems the fraudster then hangs up the phone but actually stays on the line and hears the victim’s calls to 9-1-1 and the financial institution.

The victims are then instructed by the fraudster to go to Western Union to transfer funds into a different account, and that money is stolen.

Police say people should never give out financial information over the phone and not to believe people who say they are from your bank or credit card company.