February 12th, 2018 by

Connecting Belleville over Highway 401

Belleville is sending to Queens Park a long list of issues it wants the province to address in its plan to widen Highway 401 in this area.

In his report to council Monday night, Manager of Engineering Ray Ford identified six issues including preliminary design alternatives which close the Highway 37 interchange.

The report says the interchange is “important to the economy of the city.”

There is also the proposed location of the Belleville East Arterial Road interchange which is not supported by the city’s Transportation Master Plan, since its location east of Bell Creek would reduce its usefulness.

The city pointed to a need to accommodate pedestrian and bicycling across the 401 at the Highway 62 and Highway 37 interchanges, and wants them as interim measures not waiting for the final project.

Councillor Paul Carr made it clear this should be addressed early on.

The city also wants a cyclist connection “under” the 401 at the Moira River.

Local officials are concerned the 401 has effectively cut the community in half and want that changed with the widening project.