July 14th, 2017 by

Flood warning continues on Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario

A flood warning for the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario shorelines remains in place, as water levels remain at record highs, for this time of year.

The warning was put in place by Lower Trent Conservation on May 8 and will continue until at least August 25.

The environmental agency says water levels have been dropping, since peaking at the end of May, but continued rainfall is slowing the process.

The average water level on the Lake was 75.72 metres above sea level, which is slightly lower than when levels peaked in May and the St. Lawrence River Board has also been maintaining unprecedented outflow levels, in order to prevent further flooding.

LTC is also reminding any property owners who have experienced shoreline erosion, or other issues that need to be repaired, that a permit is required before any restoration work can be done.