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Sandbagging equipment deployed to areas hit hard by flooding in the County

Sandbagging equipment and personnel have been deployed to help residents in the north-western portion of Prince Edward County, the hardest hit by localized flooding and rising water levels.

On Wednesday, an RCMP drone took to the skies along with firefighters going door-to-door to assess damage as the County remains under a state of emergency.

On Thursday, Mayor Robert Quaiff said the worst hit areas are in Weller’s Bay, Consecon, Rossmore and Wellington.

Mayor Robert Quaiff

The mayor said Lake Ontario rose by 3 cm Wednesday night. As of Thursday it  is 75.8 metres above sea level – officially a 100 year flood plain level. The mayor said those levels are expected to rise by 6 cm by mid-June.

The mayor also stressed that the County is not under water and is still open for business as the tourism season is well underway.

Mayor Robert Quaiff 2

For more updates visit the County’s Flood Watch Page.