April 20th, 2017 by

Smith unhappy with pre-construction work on PEC wind farm site

(Photo: Quinte News / File)

The MPP for Prince Edward-Hastings thinks WPD is sending a bad message to the community, by starting to clear land for its proposed 27 turbine wind farm, on the south shore of Prince Edward County.

WPD started pre-construction work on an area, not covered by an Environmental Review Tribunal stay, for the proposed 27 turbine White Pines wind farm.

Todd Smith has sent a letter to the Environment Minister on the issue and tells Quinte News he understands the company’s position, but feels it’s still too early for them to start the work.


He adds that the messy situation isn’t entirely the fault of WPD.


The stay was put in place to protect the spring foraging habitat of the endangered Blandings turtle, but WPD says the work is still allowed, until a full construction ban in the area comes into place on May 1, 2017.