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Plans in motion to keep Green Terra Homes in Trenton

Crowd at the 2015 grand opening of Green Terra Homes, currently located at Douglas Road in Trenton. (Photo: Quinte News)

Plans are in motion to keep Green Terra Homes operating in Quinte West.

As we reported on Friday, the Trenton-based company which constructs eco-friendly modular homes and buildings said it was closing, moving to Port Hope and has already laid off 80 of its 140 employees. The expanding company had purchased and began fixing up a larger building at 260 West Street in Trenton deemed commercial office/factory space with the understanding they could turn it into a factory. After spending roughly $500,000 the company ran into a series of guidelines they were unable to fulfill.

Operations Manager Max Broojerd explained 30 minutes after the news broke Friday, city officials called and arranged a meeting for Monday morning.

Following Monday’s meeting Broojerd said staff expressed a keen interest in issuing a construction permit that would by-pass the City’s need for Green Terra Homes to treat the front portion of the building as an office area.

Max Broojerd

Broojerd said if all goes according to plan, Green Terra Homes will begin structural and architectural beautification for a factory. In two weeks time an inspection will take place. After that they will know if they are able to occupy the building and bring back laid off employees and hire new ones. Following that the company would be able to proceed with a planned April 15 grand opening.

Max Broojerd 2

Broojerd also commended city officials for their diligence and Mayor Jim Harrison who in an earlier interview with Quinte News said he would work to keep the company in Quinte West.

Our newsroom has reached out to Quinte West Chief Administrative Officer Charlie Murphy, Manager of Economic Development and Tourism Linda Lisle and Quinte Economic Development Commission Executive Director Chris King for comment.