February 17th, 2017 by

SUV fire causes complications at BGH

A burning SUV caused some problems outside of the Belleville General Hospital Emergency Department on February 17, 2017. (Photo: Tim Durkin / Quinte News)

A fire outside of Belleville General Hospital’s Emergency Department led to some complications inside this morning, but operations have returned to normal.

Belleville Fire Department officials tell Quinte News the blaze started in an SUV on the west side of the emergency entrance, causing smoke to rise into the air and be sucked into the hospital through a fresh air intake.

Hospital spokesperson Catherine Walker tells Quinte News, smoke entered the first and second floors of the emergency department, so they called firefighters and declared a “code red”.


However the smoke since been cleared out and carbon monoxide detectors have also been run through the building, with fire officials giving the all-clear.

The only damage was to two cars parked beside the SUV which caught fire.

No injuries were reported and the investigation into a cause is ongoing.