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County councillor apologizes for remarks

(Quinte News file photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber)

(Quinte News file photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber)

Wellington Councillor Jim Dunlop is apologizing to three of his fellow councillors after he made remarks about their loyalty to County constituents, causing them to walk out on talks over the size of council.

At a special meeting Thursday afternoon, council was going over the public engagement process of reducing council size when the meeting reached a boiling point, seeing the departure of Ameliasburgh councillors Janice Maynard, Dianne O’Brien, Roy Pennell, along with Jamie Forrester (Athol) and David Harrison (Hallowell).

After a series of failed amendments were put on the floor by Maynard, Dunlop said some councillors were not acting in the best interests of the entire municipality.

Councillor Dianne O’Brien says the final straw was when Councillor Dunlop said he would like to see Ameliasburgh councillors showing support for Wellington and other places in the County, not just Ameliasburgh ward.

Dianne O’Brien

Dunlop says he got frustrated when one of the councillors spent over an hour tearing apart the staff’s report.

Jim Dunlop

Dunlop says he apologized to Pennell after the meeting and has sent an email to Maynard and O’Brien.

During the meeting, Dunlop withdrew his comment.

Council approved the survey and it will be available both in hard copy and on-line.