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Appeal launched against WPD White Pines project

Wolfe Island wind farm near Kingston.  (Photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber / Quinte News)

Wolfe Island wind farm near Kingston. (Photo: Nicole Kleinsteuber / Quinte News)

An appeal has been launched against WPD White Pines 27 industrial wind turbine project approved for Prince Edward County.

The $200 million 20-year project was approved by the Ministry of Environment on July 16 and the appeal deadline is today.

Mayor Robert Quaiff tells our newsroom that an appeal has been launched by John Hirsch, a businessman and Quinte Conservation board member.

Robert Quaiff

Our newsroom has obtained email correspondence confirming Hirsch has launched an appeal stating the project will cause serious harm to migrating birds as well as the Blanding’s turtle and habitat.

We have reached out to Hirsch and are awaiting further comment.

Meantime, Quaiff tells our newsroom its disturbing the Premier’s office has told him there is little chance of a meeting over industrial wind projects approved for the County.

Last week, mayor Quaiff wrote the Premier and Ministry of Environment on behalf of the municipality after WPD’s 59 megawatt project was approved imploring them to not only listen but to truly hear their concerns and discuss them with County residents.

As we reported earlier, Quaiff received a phone call from the Premier’s assistant Andrew, who said “the chance of a meeting in all likelihood will not happen.”

Quaiff says he was told the process is in the stages where the government will not interfere or become involved in discussing and or placing a moratorium on WPD applications.

Robert Quaiff 2

Quaiff adds he’s fearful of push back from County residents if the project does move forward.

Robert Quaiff 3

A number of environmental groups have come forward voicing concerns that this project would cause serious harm to wildlife and habitat.

In an earlier interview, Kevin Surette, manager of communications said WPD has reviewed the 21 project approval requirements to protect the environment and wildlife adding the company believes they will be able to work within those conditions.

Surette says WPD hopes to begin construction this fall or next spring.