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Jets and Capitals play here for Stirling-Rawdon

The National Hockey League launches its pre-season schedule in Belleville this fall and it’s all about Stirling-Rawdon winning Hockeyville last year.

When Stirling-Rawdon won the Kraft Hockeyville competition a year ago March the money award came through.

But the NHL game, part of the winnings, didn’t happen because the NHL cancelled the 2012-2013 pre-season.

Now Belleville’s facilities manager Peter Lyng tells our newsroom the game  between the Winnipeg Jets and Washington Capitals will go ahead at the Yardmen Arena on September 14th.

Stirling-Rawdon residents participated in a lottery for tickets, and these will be distributed about the end of August.

Lyng says Belleville residents are not eligible for the game tickets, but will be able to catch the pre-game practices.

10 responses to “Jets and Capitals play here for Stirling-Rawdon”

  1. sorryIvoted says:

    Stirling sure didn’t mind everyone voting, but are fast to block us from seeing the hockey game we won! All Stirling has done is encourage people only to support their own towns and cities.

  2. Hockey Fan says:

    “Belleville residents are not eligible for the game tickets”??? Wow. The people who made this decision must be pretty naive to think that it was only the residents of Stirling that voted to make this happen.

  3. Dave says:

    Belleville residents can’t attend, and yet the game is being held in Belleville? As far as I’m concerned, the game should be played in the Stirling arena, because I guess it was only people from Stirling that voted (laughable).

  4. numbnuts says:

    I can understand this. Stirling won fair and square, not Belleville. They can’t have the game in their barn because it’s not big enough.
    It’s an exibtion game anyhow. A Bulls game is far more exciting.

  5. Pete says:

    Lyng says Belleville residents are not eligible for the game tickets, but will be able to catch the pre-game practices.

  6. N says:

    If they didn’t have restrictions on the tickets they’d be sold out in a heartbeat and chances are only a handful of people from Stirling would get them.

  7. darb says:

    Get over it! It was always intended for Stirling. Let them enjoy it!

  8. john says:

    “Stirling earned almost four million of those votes …”

    Stirling does not have 4 million people, but 4 million out of 11 million were directed to it. Statistically, many of these votes have potentially come from surrounding communities and this “Stirling only” attitude is a slap to all of those around the Stirling – including and especially Belleville (especially the arena’s owners if a part of this debaucle. Pure shame Stirling.

  9. Common Sense says:

    I’ll be darned…good old jealousy just has to rear its nasty head…
    Kraft & CBC want to have Stirling residents in attendance BECAUSE Stirling won it! Also, Stirling did all the organizing to make this happen (simple as that)!!
    If those whiners above would get off their lazy arses and try to organize something in Belleville (yes – time & effort will be involved) – then you can have your cake.
    Don’t expect to be a freeloader all your life!

    (a former resident – and still darned proud of that community)

  10. john says:

    this is ridiculous!!…how about first right of refusal for stirling residents then open season on tickets….stirling needed Belleville and half the county to win….really???? This is B.S.