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Belleville farm land for lease

Anyone interested in leasing “tillable ” farmland can check in with the city of Belleville.

Belleville  has a 650-acre section, east of its northeast industrial park, that it wants to rent out.

It is part of the land recently expropriated for development.

The city is preparing to provide services to the section adjoining College Street East, but not yet to the land further out.

City clerk Matt MacDonald says the farmland lease will be available from May of next year until December of 2018.

The request for proposals closes August 21st.

One response to “Belleville farm land for lease”

  1. fedupinbelleville says:

    If they want this land for farming hopefully someone will come forward or a bunch of people could go in together to lease it for the Gleaner’s food bank. Plant some fruit bearing plants like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, that grow quick. and lots of veggies like potatoes, lettuce, peas, beans, carrots etc so that at different times through out the summer and into the fall when people go to Gleaners for help, they can get some fresh produce instead of stale bread and canned veggies.