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Federal court rules on Culbertson land claim

A federal court has supoprted the position of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte in the Culbertson Land Tract land claim.

The Culbertson Land Tract encompasses 923 acres of land, some of which is in the Town of Deseronto and the rest in Tyendinaga Township.

In 1995, the Mohawks of the Bay of the Quinte made their case that that land had never been surrendered by their nation, and that that was backed by a treaty made in 1793.

Negotiations on the land have been ongoing, but the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and other government officials publicly stated that any settlement would only involve cash, and not the transfer of any land.

Now, just a few days ago, Mr. Justice Rennie of the Federal Court ruled that the buying back of land could, in fact, be an option in the negotiations.

Mohawk Band Chief R. Don Maracle says the government buying back land from willing sellers has always been the Band’s preferred option, and he hopes the both sides can return to the table soon.

One response to “Federal court rules on Culbertson land claim”

  1. dbadgirl34 says:

    Finally, the federal govt. makes the right decision. The land had never been surrendered and we non natives must honour this treaty from 1793. We cannot keep taking and not giving anything back in return. It is their right to recieve what belongs to them, whether it be the money or the land. Kudos to the govt. for seeing the light!