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Kramp: I will not mail out Trudeau pamphlet

A local MP has given his opinion of the mailing out of anti-Trudeau pamphlets.

A taxpayer-funded pamphlet on the Liberal leader was handed out to MPs at last week’s Conservative caucus meeting.

Prince Edward Hastings member Daryl Kramp says he will not be mailing out the pamphlets.

Daryl Kramp

The pamphlet says Justin Trudeau lacks the experience necessary to govern, and points to the fact he once worked as a camp councilor and a drama teacher.

15 responses to “Kramp: I will not mail out Trudeau pamphlet”

  1. Bob's Your Uncle says:

    Well Darryl this is a pretty “safe” (read: lame) stance against your leader – you’ve already come out publicly and slammed Trudeau for the exact same reasons in this pamphlet. Will you still mail these out and PAY for it yourself? This pathetic pamphlet still reflects your own opinion, doesn’t it?

  2. Carolyn says:

    I loathe these kind of mail-outs. First it’s junk mail and simply goes strain in the burn barrel no matter who it is about, I never read them. Second I can’t stand US style negative campaigning and the moment any politician stoops to that level they plummet in my estimation and their chance of me voting for them no matter what political party they represent. The only thing I want to know is what a person intends to do if elected, not making junior school playground jokes about their opposition. I also keep an eye on just how many of those promises actually come to fruition after election. So far the batting average has not been very high.

  3. numbnuts says:

    The pamplets are true, he does lack experience, and he will become PM because of his last name and pretty eyes.

    I’d like the Cons to say what they’re going to do if we elect them, I’d like the cons to stop slamming the competition. Haven’t they learned that attack adds just don’t work? In fact I’d say they are making Harper look desperate.

  4. Millicent says:

    numb nuts – perhaps he does lack experience, but let’s take a look at the current government situation we are in, and truly ask yourself if these ridiculous potentially Canada-destroying decision-makers who are currently in power are acting with any type of “experienced” conscience?

  5. rbjay says:

    A Taxpayer funded Pamphlet? Another fine use of our taxpayers money by the Conservative Government. Could this be part of the reason there is 3 Billion $ unaccounted for by them?

  6. numbnuts says:

    @Millicent – I hate the thought that we have to elect the person who we think is going to screw us the least but that is indeed the way it is. Sad eh?

  7. greatpolitics says:

    “he once worked as a camp councilor and a drama teacher”

    Sounds like he’s perfectly qualified to lead the government of this country…

  8. Garence_ says:

    Some class from Mr Kramp. Who would have thought it? CPC is running scared and now some members are starting to worry about their seat at the trough.

  9. Joey Only says:

    It’s been a long debate in my family household about voting for Daryl. My step dad and he have been close friends for years while my mother and I decided around the time of Mike Harris we could never support the Tories as long as we lived. I know Daryl is a good guy though and this proves as much. Whether he agrees with the sentiment in the pamphlet or not, whether I agree with it or not, I can not see the value in wasting tax dollars to engage in petty American politics. The whole point of politics is to engage in meaningful discourse to come to a democratic solution that works for everyone, the Tories have never believed in this! I agree with the comment made above that it makes Harper look petty, scared and desperate. If there’s anyone left in this country who could lead government fairly, intelligently and engage in meaningful dialogue it would probably be Ron McLean!!

  10. BV75 says:

    greatpolitics says:
    May 1, 2013 at 3:35 pm
    “he once worked as a camp councilor and a drama teacher”
    Sounds like he’s perfectly qualified to lead the government of this country…

    And we should believe only what the Tories say about the Liberal leader. Hmmmm, how about doing a fraction more research and learning a bit more about the guy before you judge him. Oh right, but then you must be a Tory, and you only need to hear what your leader says to you without question. Like when he tells you not to speak about evolution because its just a myth after all.

  11. deiter says:

    Daryl…did you get the message? If you walk like a duck, quack like a duck & fly with the ducks then you must be a duck so don’t try and be an eagle. You’ll probably get goosed!

  12. deiter says:

    Stop wasting our much valued tax $$$. He’s going to win with the new cadre of young voters. Your supporters are all in the check out society in Hastings riding.

  13. Tristen says:

    I am glad to see a conservative who is still with the program with some things. Still wont vote for anything conservative but glad to hear this.

  14. mike says:

    I think the Deiter somes it all up DON’T WASTE OUR MONEY !!!!!wait and see who comes out smelling like a rose in the end. The current goverment sucks !!!!

  15. Paul Comeau says:

    The “Conservative Party of Canada” is NOT the original “Progressive Conservative” party — it is Tea Party North posing as the Conservatives. ANY one currently associated with Harper will live with this black, tar-sand-riddled stain into INFAMY. You and yours are the WORST example of how deep our country can slide into the abyss. You have humiliated us on the world stage. You have proven yourselves to be dumb enough to tow the line of “ole pudge” … Any Con-Artist back-benchers who don’t take this opportunity to jump the rat-infested, sinking Con ship deserve to be written-into future history books of Canadian infamy.