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Sherwood Forrest Inn on fire

9:00 p.m. UPDATE: Quinte West O.P.P. Detachment Commander, Inspector Mike Reynolds, told Quinte West Council fire crews are still on scene. They’re expected to be there most of the night. Mayor John Williams also thanked the Q.W.F.D. and the neighbouring departments who responded, for their hard work in battling the blaze.

5:00 p.m. UPDATE: All of the road closures due to the fire are expected to be in effect for most of the night. The Ontario Fire Marshall has been called in to investigate the incident and initial damage figures are in the $600,000 to $700,000 range.

2:00 p.m. UPDATE: Quinte West staff say the following roads are closed until further notice:
– Dundas Street West from Front to Division; and From Elgin Street to Division.
– Murphy Street from Dundas Street West to Elgin Street; and from Elgin Street to Middle Street.
– King Street from Dundas Street West to Elgin Street.

Smoke could be seen high above Downtown Trenton, after the Sherwood Forest Inn caught fire on Nov.5/12. (Photo Courtesy: Suzanne Bennett)

OPP have evacuated areas  of downtown Trenton, as parts of the Sherwood Forest Inn in the center of town continue to collapse and flames shoot through the roof.

The fire remains out of control.

Dozens of firefighters from four Quinte West fire stations,along with personnel and the aerial ladder truck from the Belleville Fire department are on scene.

So is our reporter, Matt Goodman.

Matt Goodman

So far, all of the buildings nearby are fine, but suffering from smoke damage.

Downtown businesses have been told to evacuate and stay closed until at least 4:00 this afternoon.

The fire started around 9:00 this morning, and Ontario Fire Marshall’s office is sending investigators.

The Sherwood Forest Inn is an old building that has operated as a strip club for decades.

Smoke can be seen pouring out of the Sherwood Forest Inn in Downtown Trenton on Nov.5/12.

Meanwhile, Quinte West Fire Chief John Whalen confirms no one has been injured so far at the Sherwood Forest Inn fire.

However, there were some frightening moments earlier for two firefighters in the building.

John Whalen

Again, downtown Trenton has been evacuated and will be shut down until at least 4:00 this afternoon.

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24 responses to “Sherwood Forrest Inn on fire”

  1. MM says:

    That’s really too bad… Too many fires in the area keeping our firefighters busy.. Hope everyone is ok and no one gets hurt.

  2. toronto8086 says:

    The place was a dump,glad its gone.

  3. jav71 says:

    well a good start to clean up downtown trenton.
    many lives lost in the matresses

  4. Lisa Aucoin says:

    RIP Quinte
    Many Memories
    Many Firsts
    many friends

  5. uco24 says:

    why can’t all strip joints burn….its about time!

  6. Big D says:

    All those crabs and cockroaches looking for new homes. Oh the horror.

  7. beebea87 says:

    Although some may disagree with strip clubs, they are perfectly legal, and although you may think little or nothing of the women who worked there, they’re all out of a job now, so insulting, and making rude or snide comments is uncalled for. Hope none of the surrounding businesses have gone up in flames, and won’t have too much smoke damage to deal with.

  8. Guy Brummell says:

    Here is to the hero’s in uniform who put their lives on the line to rescue those in the building and fought that fire under those unimaginable smoke laden conditions. I certainly have a new respect for all firefighters after seeing that blaze in full tilt!

    God bless you guys.

    The last time the Sherwood Forest was that HOT was the Goldie Clarke show in 79! :)

  9. numbnuts says:

    I’ve played many games of pool in that joint, too bad it’s gone. RIP Sherwood.

  10. Corey says:

    Well said BeeBea87 and not only that but there was also many apartments above the burnt building, and yes many housed the dancers that worked there and I am sure there was also others that lived in this building so not only are some of these woman are out of work out of a home…so instead of rash and rude comments maybe think of how you would feel if this was your job and your home, hell atleast they had work and were paying taxes and making a living instead of living off the system and expecting others to support them!!!

  11. RDS says:

    I too spent many hours there during the late 60’s to early 80’s. I watched the place burn today with mixed feelings now. The place was truly a Trenton landmark but really was a dump . Kind of glad to see its gone now. RIP Quinte Hotel! My sincere thanks to all the memmbers of the Quinte West Fire Dept for the fanatastic job they did today.

  12. Mds says:

    It’s the the strip joint itself. It’s the drugs and prostituion that won’t be missed …

  13. AB says:

    While it is a shame that the employees of this establishment will now be out of a job, it is a good thing it is gone. The building was old, and an eye sore, regardless of what type of business was being run inside. Let’s all be thankful that our men and women of the local fire departments are good at their jobs and were able to keep neighbouring businesses out of harm.

  14. DD flower says:

    I just get back in this club after 2 years. Not the high class but for a town like trenton was very cute like a chalet inside and all friendly people staff and customers. Was unique in it style. I think about all of you. Its a hard challenge and i am with you in your pain. I hope you will be able to pass throw. I pray for the best for you. Sincerely love DD flower

  15. Loretta Tweed says:

    Luckily no lives were “LOST”…It is sad and tragic for those who have lost their homes and those who lost their livelihoods.
    No matter what you personally think about it (The Sherwood) it was somebodies home or place of business.
    Many people were also evacuated in the down-town core in the surrounding apartments.
    Fire is serious and not something to take lightly.
    According to the news two fire-fighters were hurt doing their job.
    People who had loved ones or friends also suffered worried and concerned for their well-being.
    I myself was looking for a family member and worried about others.
    Now is not the time or place to take pleasure in another person’s Loss or Suffering.
    People also had pets that may suffer from the smoke inhalation.
    It was a inconvenience for some but Life-Changing for others.
    Can you even imagine losing your home or your belongings, a Loved One or a beloved pet.
    I wish people would be considerate of others.

  16. longtimerez. says:

    I feel terrible that some of our fellow Trentonians have lost their home and livelihood; and the premises was considered a town landmark. Things changed over the years for the property.
    Given the reputation that it has given itself, want was meant to be, was meant to be. Many folks are happy that it’s now gone.
    Rebuilding might be a headache. I think that the owners should cut their losses and sell the lot and turn it into parking for the Downtown core, which by the way is sooo needed.
    Also…wonder if the pole was saved ;)

  17. backagain says:

    I remember the Sherwood … Max Webster playing there, pool games, a few laughs and friends. Yeah, it was an eye sore but for those of us who spent time there thru the 70’s & 80’s some of our memories went up in smoke too. My prayers are with those who’s lives will be a little harder now with the place gone.
    Some of the comments on here are so petty and ignorant it is hard to believe the mean spiritness of some people.

  18. Bev says:

    Had an excellent time in those walls, The Sherwood/Quintie/Pandora’s Box held some awsome bands in the day, Great time Many a Friend made some still here some long gone will always love Rock Good time and Friends cause of that bar sad to see it go

  19. WoodBouncer says:

    Most of the people who have said negative remarks about the Sherwood Forest Inn have never even been in the establishment. Not only are 10 employees out of work, but close to 20 dancers are also out of work. All of these people have supported many stores downtown, especially all the restaurants downtown. Plus people were also living upstairs that have lost all their possessions. The Sherwood Inn was one of the best run bars in town.

  20. jav71 says:

    mmmmmm bet they will blame it on a electrical fire ..faulty power bar.
    a lot of people dont realize it but the dollar store power bars are a definate hazzard, most make there way into canada from offshore and do not have any csa or UL certification on carefull anyone buying this electrical junk from the dollar stores

  21. lawrence dempsey says:

    sorry for the owners from sri lanka

  22. chuckthecan says:

    The best days of the Sherwood Forest Inn are long past. The patrons of the 70’s and early 80’s saw the best of them. Many, many good bands and a few not so good exotic dancers. I had my first beer(that I bought) there and have’nt seen a place quite like it since. I miss that bar and wish there was another to take it’s place. I wont miss the odd(bad) smells and the crappy washrooms or the not so good dancers. Saw Helix,Kim Mitchell, Coney Hatch, Zon, Killer Dwarfs, Anvil, Nazereth, Goddo, Teenage Head, Sherriff, Frank Soda,Lee Aaron and the list goes on…..R.I.P.

  23. Marcia Rock says:

    met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun. Many good memories.

  24. Marcia Rock says:

    not going to moderate