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Baby delivered on North Front Street

It’s not unusual for a grocery store to have an early-morning delivery.

But there was nothing routine about this one!

A Belleville police officer stopped a woman for speeding on North Front Street, at about 4:30 this morning.

It turns out there was a reason the woman was in a hurry…she was in labour!

With the help of the officer, the Stirling woman delivered a baby boy on the side of the road, right outside the Metro grocery store.

Both mom and baby are doing fine.

They were both transported to hospital.

The mom named her baby Dakota.

11 responses to “Baby delivered on North Front Street”

  1. momofmany says:

    beautiful!! way to go Officer, and congrats Mama and Baby Dakota!

  2. SASSYME rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr\\\shirley shipman says:

    WOW That is so super special!!!!Congrats to mom and BABE and a big THANK YOU to the “BOYS IN BLUE” for being there!!!!

  3. irck says:

    I was waiting for the punchline where the cop gave her a ticket, filmed the birth and posted it to youtube.

  4. Freckyls says:

    It’s nice to see a police office portrayed in a positive light for once in the media. Congrats on the precious bundle of joy. I’m sure that officer will have a story to tell for the rest of his life ;o)

  5. Gerald Brummell says:

    What a heart warming story.

    God bless these officers for being there.

  6. Steve says:

    Did the police pull her over…or did they flag down the officer? It appears that there are two slightly different stories being told by competing news providers. Some clarity and accuracy of the report would be nice. Thank you.

  7. @Steve — as per the Belleville Police Service media release on Sunday AM….

    Officer helped deliver baby on side of road

    Belleville, Ontario- on November 18th, 2012 at 04:30 A.M Police observed a vehicle at high rate of speed. The vehicle pulled over by the Metro grocery store on North Front Street and Mom delivered child (boy) with help of Belleville Police Officer. Mom and baby are fine and were turned over to the care of paramedics.


    — QuinteNews Team

  8. Steve says:

    Now that was not very nice of me. Critical of the news, but no praise for the parents. Let me try this again….Congrats to the new parents! I am glad that Mom and baby are doing well, and that the delivery was a success. Also, congrats on being one of the few brave couples to raise a large family. Enjoy all the love that you have surrounded yourselves with! Nice to see the police actually helping.

  9. Rachel says:

    This is – (–opp-officer-recounts-catching-baby-being-born-at-side-of-road-near-belleville) The story at the Toronto Star – the most correct, accurate story with an actual audio clip. Quinte News should of removed this because it is completely incorrect. I emailed them this link thinking that they would of removed it, but obviously not.

  10. @Rachel – The audio at the end of the Star article is an unedited interview conducted by our newsroom. The updated story, with the correct sequence of events (which were not outlined in the original police press release) was never posted to our website until today. The recent post is the update version, which we ran on our stations yesterday.


    — QuinteNews Team

  11. dakota says:

    thats scary the baby has my name :O