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Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial vandalized

Surveillance footage shows an unknown man vandalizing the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial at Bain Park on Nov.14/12. (Photo Courtesy: Quinte West O.P.P.)

Surveillance footage shows an unknown man vandalizing the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial at Bain Park on Nov.14/12. (Photo Courtesy: Quinte West O.P.P.)


It’s only been uncovered and accessible since Saturday, but someone has already vandalized the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial in Quinte West.

O.P.P. say surveillance cameras captured a man removing plants from their boxes and throwing them to the ground, just after midnight this morning.

The plants have been replanted by Quinte West works staff.

The suspect is described as 5’8” to 5’10”, with a slim build.

He was wearing light coloured jeans and a light coloured bomber jacket with a hood, as well as a dark ball cap and work boots.

Anyone with information on the incident can call police or crimestoppers.

30 responses to “Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial vandalized”

  1. Tre says:

    wow what the hell is wrong with people? absolutely pathetic!

  2. Lorrie says:

    It disgusts me that this beautiful monument has been vandalized already. What is wrong with people in Trenton…Grow Up!

  3. Bob says:

    What possible motive would make someone do that?

  4. Stu Padaso says:

    Will the OPP PLEASE release the video. Get it out there for all to see. I guarantee it’ll go viral across Canada very very quickly. And the more eyes that see it, the better chance we have to find this ignorant jerk and string him up.

  5. jav71 says:

    wow how low can some people go!!
    hope they find him and hang him high
    should be the same punishment as disturbing a grave site

  6. justplanenutz says:

    Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial Vandalized!?!?! I hope they find this person, arrest him and then invite all the family members of the 158 casulties to listen in on WHY this person felt the need to do this. After which the suspect can l…isten to how the fallen are missed in each and every one their family units. Disgraceful, as a Serving Member I invite anyone whom would think of vandalizing a memorial to the fallen to strap on a pair of combat boots and do what they have done, or what the 90,000 + serving members do now…

  7. numbnuts says:

    They should make him march from CFB Trenton to Belleville naked down hwy 2, and give bystanders paint guns to pepper him with paintballs.

  8. Guy Brummell says:

    I am with Stu Padaso…… release the video and let the Country take care of this troll…..

  9. Pam says:

    Totally…Totally discusting !!!!

  10. C'estLaVie says:

    I’m sorry about the flowers but if the city can waste that much taxpayers money using a camera over the repatriation monument, they can afford to spend a little more and try and stop vandalization on other parts of town!

  11. backagain says:

    …..probably another fine example of our “youth” in this area.

  12. Don says:

    I takes all kinds, and we’ve witnessed the lowest of the low. Should be put on the gate with the “idiot” sign that the “bus” lady has.

  13. Don says:

    When caught put him on the entrance at Bain park with the “idiot” sign from the “bus” lady in the U.S. for a goodly time.

  14. WTH says:

    re: C’estLaVie… What? A waste of Taxpayers money… I beg to differ, I pay my taxes and I feel there should be more “Camera’s”. The lowlife who did this needs to pay, sure do like the Paintball idea! Better yet send him overseas… One Pissed off Trentonian….

  15. TM says:

    This low life should sit down with a group of Afghanistan Vets and explain to them why he vandalized the Memorial.

  16. A Trenton Taxpayer says:

    C’estLaVie …. Please don’t make assumptions on behalf of the majority of proud Trentonians who not only attended the Repatriation but who send their husbands wives moms dads sons and daughters off to protect your fool behind. No one cares about the few pennies that came out of your taxes for the camera, as a matter of fact I would welcome you to go to City Hall and ask for it back. I’m certain the rest of us would be glad to pay the extra few cents in lieu of yours. Since it is unfortunate that this town has some fool idiots in it that can’t stand to see a majestic monument to honor our fallen soldiers I say put up more cameras and when this scum is found prosecute them to the fullest.

  17. Vee says:

    How is that a waste? I’m glad they are using my tax money for that. Hope they catch him, ship him over seas and conveninetly find himself over at a front line.

  18. Deb Armitage says:

    This just makes me sick to think that someone that cares about nothing or anyone’s feeling should be charged with grave and Memorial distubistance. I agree with just plane nutz. Whoever this person is should heed to the signs we have seen through all of the Afganistan deployment. IF YOU CAN’T SUPPORT OUR TROOPS STAND IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!!! I just can’t image some one doing this expect they have to much time on their hands and should be cuffed permanently or sent over to Afganistan for a tour and see how he feel when he or one of his friends steps on an iud and comes home in a box. I attended all but three of the repatration cerimonies and saw the loss in family members faces going by in vechicles but still waving and thanking all that attend the cerimony and the Thank-You we got for being there. So whoever you are that did this you should be plastered in every paper and named who you are as you are a very sick person with nothing better to do with your life. GROW UP !!!!! A REALLY PISSED OF BELLEVILLE RESIDENCE. GOD BLESS OUR MEN AND WOMEN HOME AND STILL AWAY GOD SPEED. THANK-YOU FOR ALL YOU DO

  19. Richard Jones says:

    The real problem is that he is probably under 18 and even if caught his name will be held to protect him. There needs to be changes to release young offenders charged with this type of offence. There needs to be a stock in the park like in Medieval times. 24 hours with his head and hands in a stock being seen and humiliated by everyone might just be what is needed to stop this type of thing.

  20. Ron says:

    How disturbing,that someone would be so brain dead as to remove flowers from a memorial monument. Let’s catch this low life. a slap on the wrist will not be good enough. Under age , or legal age the punishment should be the same.

  21. Janet says:

    Can the pictures be enhansed? This person needs to understand what he has done. How many people he has hurt….

  22. @Janet – If you click on those images, they will enlarge. But that’s the best we can do.


    — QuinteNews Team

  23. Rick C. says:

    If Mayor Williams wants to catch this individual, he should offer a site where the entire video can be watched. A lot of people have a unique walking gate and body language. It’s quite possible that someone in the community will recognize the culprit if there is an opportunity to see their movement. I don’t support the war machine but I take every opportunity to shake the hand and thank the soldiers who have chosen to, selflessly, put themselves in harms way on behalf of you and I.

  24. JBKG says:

    @backagain It’s pretty sad that you automatically blame the youth in this area when the suspect could just as easily be 35 years old.

  25. Rick C says:

    There are some very masculine women around. There is no definite determination of this person’s gender.

  26. Jessiahh says:

    I have been to afghanistan and am very proud of my fellow comrades for their sacrifice for our country. I have had seven friends die in afghanistan and one die after returning home. I know what life is like for people in countries like this and I thank god everyday I live in Canada. It makes me sick to see people getting upset over little things like cell phones, worldly possessions, the server getting their meal wrong. At least you have things, something to eat, a roof over your head. Things people take for granted here in Canada. Had I thought that there would be someone stupid enough to do something like this, I would gladly have sat century all night like the proud cadets did for the monument down town. (P.S.Good job guys). Even if he does get caught or recognized we as the public will probably never be told who it was to protect this individual from those of us who would like to lay a little boot camp on his behind!

  27. H.T. says:

    Doesnt anyone take into account that maybe the man isnt all there? The things that you guys are saying are really harsh. Yes he deserves punishment but for pulling up flowers he doesnt deserve to be hung or put out to complete shame. He should be charged yes. But doesnt anyone think that maybe he is a soldier that wasnt named or his friend died and he was upset. Is there no common sense within the community? Im not saying what he did is good. But the level that you guys are attacking him is outrageous! You are all sick animals. I dont care what you say about this. But you should all be ashamed of yourself for being so pathetic. It was just flowers. Relax. Theres been worse done around here. Like Murder! Relax.

  28. mark lemmermeyer says:

    Re: Lorrie,Trenton is not to blame!!! asholes are everywhere including your home town GROW UP11

  29. backagain says:

    “JBKG” you’re right, I guess I’m just saddened and reminded of recent events (vandalism) in my own neighbourhood involving youth whereby nothing is ever done about it….I sincerely hope I’m wrong about the age of this guy.

  30. k2000 TROOP SUPPORT says:

    Disrespect towards our fallen, their love ones, and all of those good people that stood upon the Highway of Heros as we brought back our brave fallen and to the good people who organized, work hard to have this memorial. We salute the good people, we thank you and please keep up the good work, as far as that individual is concerned, I cannot write on this comment page my opinion, of him, his actions and those who do things like this.

    K2000 TROOP SUPPORT will have a web site up soon, and again have Canadians sign the support our troops flags again and these will be presented to families of our fallen, and to those who have served and continue to serve in Afghanistan.

    We will also be active in fundraising to help pay for the remaining debt and the maintenance to cover damages like what has been done to this memorial. I hope this individual will some day realize that this is not acceptable, disrespect towards our fallen is discracefull. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES. (JOE BONNEVIE K2000 TROOP SUPPORT)