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Park-like facility to replace Richmond dump


Digital layout for the Beechwood Road Environmental Centre. Image submitted by Waste Management Inc.

The proposed new Beechwood Road Environmental Centre will be something like a park.

MPP for Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington, Randy Hillier, says the recycling/garbage dump/bio-fuel facility will also have a wildlife habitat and recreational features.

The plans are being developed by Waste Management Incorporated for the former Richmond Landfill site on the border of Tyendinaga and Greater Napanee.

The next public consultation will be next Wednesday, 4-8pm at the Napanee firehall.

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One response to “Park-like facility to replace Richmond dump”

  1. Heather Scott says:

    You can put a pritty red bow on a bag of garbage, but it’s still just a stinking bag of garbage. There’s nothing wrong with recycling, but the existing land fill is leaking garbage juice into the ground. It will continue to do so for hundreds of years. WM has no plan to stop this from making area residents sick for generations, why would we want them to dump a bunch more garbage on the same fractured rock as the existing one!