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Major lawsuit amended

The man suing the the OPP for over 90 million dollars has made changes to his lawsuit.

Gerald Guy Brummell of Trenton filed an amended Statement of Claim in Cobourg at the end of January.

The change added 4 more OPP officers to a section of the claim that says the officers were under an internal criminal investigation at the same time they were working on the Russell Williams case.

That brings the total number of officers in that section to 5.

However, the total number of officers named is well over 30.

Brummell’s case revolves around what he claims were misdeeds in an investigation against him a few years ago.

The OPP and the City of Quinte West are named in the suit, and both have denied any wrongdoing.

None of the accusations have been proven in court.

25 responses to “Major lawsuit amended”

  1. 1234 says:

    It’s hard to take someone seriously when they seem to be filing a lawsuit just to get attention. Wasn’t this guy convicted of several things?

  2. sdmarvin says:

    Blah blah blah ….

  3. U4emityalp says:


    Funny. If you have been following the news you’d have learned that the City of Quinte West brought a motion to try and strike Brumel’s claim last fall and failed! A Superior Court Judge determined the suit would go forward. (comment removed).

    I am waiting to see how this comes out. (comment removed.)

  4. 1234 says:

    U4emityalp — that doesn’t make the person filing the lawsuit any more credible.

  5. U4emityalp says:


    Are you saying your nameless, faceless comment is more valuable than a Superior Court Judge?
    lol ok officer 1234….

    I have been watching this and paying attention. If Brumel gets to the bottom of the lies and
    coverup in the Williams matter, I think the Govt. should give him the $90million as a thank you.

    No one believes the police anymore.

    No one.

  6. sdmarvin says:

    … Just because some judge wants to give him a chance in court doesn’t mean he has any credibility in succeeding.
    (Comments removed.)

  7. V says:

    90 million? They should in turn sue him for being ridiculous…

  8. U4emityalp says:

    I guess time will tell….

    One thing is for sure, people are scared.

  9. 1234 says:

    U4emityalp – Officer 1234? What are you even talking about? Because I think a $90 million lawsuit is ridiculous and that the plaintiff lacks credibility, that means I am worthy of your inane comments? And saying that “No one believes the police anymore”?! What to overgeneralize.

  10. 1234 says:

    That should way “Way to overgeneralize”. :P

  11. Crazy Cove Crazy says:

    Sounds to me like this Gerald Brummell is well on his way for a MCI – Active Citizenship “Order in Ontario” award & honour. Yes yes I personally think a nomination for this guy is “in order”! :P

  12. U4emityalp says:


    Do you know Brumel? You keep talking about credibility as though you have some knowledge of the matter. I don’t know the guy, but I read everything about this case and local police. Why do I do that?

    My husband is a cop. A good cop. He knows the people involved in this claim and he is cheering for Brumel. He claims this guy is doing a bigger service for the police than anybody. Did you know the Inspector in Trenton had a massive heart attack the day Brumel filed this claim and only came back to work a year later to resign? That day he was caught lying to the Police Board in Quinte West. That too was in the paper.

    Before you go slamming someone fighting for truth and putting dirty cops where they belong, maybe you should use your brain. $90,000,000 is obviously an amount based on some damages, and if they did to you what they did to him, you might feel differently.

  13. darb says:

    So let me understand this correctly…..you are proclaiming that your husband the “good cop” doesn’t like anyother cops he works with. I bet they’re just lining up to be his partner. And also, you are condeming a man for having a “massive heart attack”. With supporters like this….no wonder people think that Gerald Brummell is not credible!

  14. Gerald Brummell says:

    I guess if defending myself on this site is going to be censored I should stop reading and stop offering information to Quinte News…..

    Truth is. I will debate any copper or Crown flunky regarding my matter, or Russell Williams reign of terror,… any time, any place and I will not even bring a devastating Apple product…. I will just use my mind.

    To those who let those girls die without arresting that monster…..your days are numbered.

    The truth is coming….

  15. U4emityalp says:

    No darb I did not say either comment you attributed to me, My husband is loved by his coworkers and very well respected. He is not feared like the cops Mr Brummell (I apologize for spelling the name wrong) is fighting. The majority of police officers are honorable and decent people. Unfortunately the people involved in this matter are hardly honorable or decent. They are also protected like cherished rats by the Govt.

    I fear for Mr Brummell’s safety, but I absolutely salute his drive, as does my husband and many of my husband’s coworkers. True cops put the law first.

    My heart attack comment was only based on what I know. The Inspctor had a heart attack as a result of Brummell’s claim. I highly doubt it was intentional by Mr Brummell, but certainly it represents a sign. I wish the Inspector well, but if he was dirty I hope he is brought to justice. People are scared, and they should be. This is the best show in town.

    Your combined comments prove it.

    @Gerald Brummell. You are an inspiration sir and I hope to one day celebrate with others your victory. I only hope you live long enough to do exactly what you say.

  16. Taxpayer says:

    I better make more copies of my letter .LOL

  17. sdmarvin says:

    Hey u4, where does your husband work? He seems to have a lot of insider information with what goes on around here.

  18. U4emityalp says:


    The Quinte Arw SD.

    How about you?

  19. 1234 says:

    u4emiteyalp – how do you know this: “The Inspctor had a heart attack as a result of Brummell’s claim.”? Do you know that he didn’t have a preexisting heart condition or that he wasn’t a smoker or eat a poor diet? I find it very hard to believe that you have access to his medical records or that any doctor could guarantee 100% that he had a heart attack as a result of hearing about a lawsuit.

    I wish my last post wasn’t deleted…I’m not sure why it was.

  20. sdmarvin says:

    U4: Unsure of what that is.

    That being said, I know some coppers out there and unless I only know the “dirty ones” the general consensus is that this whole lawsuit is a sham and a complete waste of time. The fact that it alleges those involved in the Williams investigation and the Brummell shmozzle somehow caused more people to die is ridiculous.

    I don’t the know the in and outs of the Inspector’s medical issues but I have a hard time believing that its a fact that the lawsuit announcement “caused” the heart attack … But anyways …

  21. Gerald Brummell says:

    U4. – Thank you for your kind words. (Comments removed.)

  22. U4emityalp says:


    Why not name your cop friends who are making these statements. By the info available that makes them suspect.

    If they knew anything, than they must be involved. My guy knows a lot about it because a mentor of his knows Brummell well. As I said, this guy is a Hero. He has the guts to do what so many others do not. If he wins, will you then agree he was right, or whine and complain that he somehow conned the system?

    As for the lawsuit being a waste of time. Who’s time? Your friends? From all accounts Brummell is winning on his own time. My husband and his friends were discussing it last night, if Brummell was so wrong, why do the lawyers in the Williams lawsuits follow his lead?

  23. Taxpayer says:

    Does it not speak volumes that the lawsuit filed against “williams” by a family that is dealing with the loss of a daughter and sister have only respect for the officers involved in the case ! They caught him, he will spend the rest of his life in jail, all accomplished in an incredibly short time. Well done!!!!!

  24. sdmarvin says:

    U4: you want me to name “my cop friends” but then you state “a mentor who knows Brummell” … That’s just as mysterious, wouldn’t you say?

    If Brummell wins, then he wins. I don’t have a 100% faith in the justice or civil system, but most judges have a decent head on their shoulders.

    I just hope that you and others won’t be on here complaining about how the “dirty cops” colluded and lied and conned the system …

    Again, this seperate from the Williams case and its ridiculous to think otherwise. If some investigators worked on both it shouldn’t matter. Williams was locked up b/c of their good work regardless.

  25. 1017ignorant people says:

    Brummell had his life destroyed by dirty ,dirty cops..he is deserving of the entire ninety millon…don’t judge until you walk in his shoes ..i know the man ,saw the evidence in order to try and destroy him .This is a honest man not a scammer.