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Carrying Place Wants Water

It’s nothing new..some..folks living in Carrying Place would like municipal water. About 10 homes are effected north of County Road 64 on the Loyalist Parkway, and homeowners there are now asking Prince Edward County to get involved in extending the Consecon water line north so they can hook on.
The same residents have dealt with Quinte West on the issue, but have found hook up charges of 32 thousand dollars per house far too expensive.
Prince Edward County will look at the issue and come up with a costing for the residents, but won’t promise that the costs will be less then those arrived at by Quinte West.

Councillors Concerned About Canoes

Major discussion about a small canoe/kayak launch area by Prince Edward County’s Committee of the Whole yesterday. Councillor Laverne Bailey said neighbors around Miller’s Landing, on waterfront near Milford, were worried about plans to build a canoe launch area near them. They were worried about traffic and noise. Bailey wondered why there hadn’t been anything about it at Council. Councillor Monica Alyea, who represents the area, said the South Marysburg Recreation Committee is funding the project, so there was no effect on taxes, and that the land was owned by the County. Councillor Lori Slik said she had no problem with the launch, but thought Council should have been informed. Staff will produce a report for a future meeting.

OPP Too Expensive

The town of Deseronto is joining North Hastings municipalities in fighting the high cost of policing.
The municipalities have decided they can’t live with the skyrocketing cost of policing by the Ontario Provincial Police service. Bancroft Mayor Lloyd Churchill, leading the charge, says there is no finger-pointing at the “quality” of policing…just the price tag. Bancroft paid 880-thousand dollars five years ago…now it’s up to one-point-four million. Churchill says the municipality has no input into the budget and he’s “not going to accept that any longer.” The rural towns are seeking a meeting with the province.

Social Services Director Retires

The long-time Director of the Hastings-Quinte Joint Social Services department retires this year. Warden Joanne Albert announced at County Council yesterday that Eric Frye, who has been with Social Services for more than 31-years, will leave in November. Albert referred to Frye’s “compassion” in handling the many people needing services. Others commended his work with the “most vulnerable of society.” Mayor of Deseronto, Norm Clarke, said his town appreciated all that Frye had done…particularly helping to establish a Transit System to help low income people get to work.

Get Start-up Businesss Help

A new program to support new business start-ups in Hastings County should see a few ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new ventures this June.
Manager of Economic Development Andrew Redden says the facilitator Darcelle Runciman has met 400-clients in the past four months…and has 38-clients working on proposed business start-ups. He says this might be someone who has always wanted to be self-employed but needs business management assistance. The free counselling program is funded through a federal government grant.

Tough Planting for Farmers?

A “no snow winter,” followed by a “no rain” spring isn’t exactly what the farmers of the Quinte Region pray for. Quinte region farmers have been using the dry spell to get early spring crops in the ground…really early according to Ministry of Agriculture spokesman Eric Lawlor. But Lawlor says farmers are “always optimistic,” and the planting is proceeding very well, including spring grains and corn. Lawlor says the danger is that the dry weather will damage early crops such as asparagus…and the fruit tree harvest.

Fishing Season Countdown is On

It is Walleye World weekend again, with thousands of anglers getting ready for the annual pike and pickerel tournament on the Bay of Quinte. Spokesperson Stephanie Wilson at the Quinte West Chamber of Commerce says 46-hundred people are expected to compete for 250-thousand dollars worth of cash and prizes in the derby, sponsored by the Trenton Kiwanis Club.
Participants can drop their lines anywhere at one minute after midnight tonight, and the results will be posted on a website throughout the weekend. Prizes will be awarded late Sunday afternoon.

Mayor Surprised About New Colonel Charges

The mayor of Quinte West says area residents would likely be surprised at the number of new charges laid against Colonel Russell Williams.

John Williams says he spoke recently to someone from Tweed, who knows another person who didn’t even realize at first their home had been broken into.

Williams — who is not related to the former C-F-B Trenton commander — says there’s comfort in the fact the alleged perpetrator is behind bars.

He adds that he can’t understand how somebody would have time to commit so many break-and-enters and still be able to perform their job.

Green Energy Act review this fall

The judicial review of the provincial Green Energy Act, requested by a Prince Edward County man, will go to court this fall.

Eric Gillespite, the lawyer for Ian Hanna of Big Island, says Hanna’s challenge questions whether there was scientific backing for the minimum 550-metre setbacks established in the act.

He says opponents of the act don’t have to prove wind turbines harm people, but only that they may, and the answer is still scientifically unproven.. The hearing date is September 30th at Toronto Superior Court.

Napanee Residents Express Concern

Some Napanee residents aren’t very enthusiastic about a new liquid waste processing and transfer facility planned for the community.

Drain-All wants to set up the business on Advance Avenue, and a town hall public meeting is scheduled for May eleventh.

One of those objecting to the proposal, Kenn Morrison, says the company was unsuccessful in locating in Kingston because of concerns about the amount of effluent it would be putting into the municipal sewers. He also isn’t happy about the prospect of the facility handling up to 300-thousand tons of waste a day.