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Picton Church Demolition Halted

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It was a sight that had even non-religious people shuddering….as a high-ho began ripping down an 1875 vintage church in Downtown Picton on a Sunday. Ameliasburgh Councillor Sandy Latchford alerted our newsroom that the demolition was underway yesterday on the Main Street site of the old Methodist Episcopal Church across from the Tim Horton’s. She calls it a blatant disregard for the permit process, the County’s Heritage and a lack of respect for our citizen’s and religious groups. The entire wall on the west side was ripped down before Chief Building Official Garry Davis brought the work to a halt. The owners Edith and Janina Jenkins have a demolition permit but the contractor didn’t apply to County Public Works for permits regarding street closure and sidewalk protection. The Ministry of Labour is investigating and meetings will take place before any work continues. The man driving the tractor……Jim Sinclair. Jim Sinclair was convicted of tearing down the old Bakelite factory in Belleville and allowing PCB’s to flow into the Bay of Quinte. He served four months in jail and was fined more than $600,000 for the crimes.

18 responses to “Picton Church Demolition Halted”

  1. Lahey says:

    Poor Mr. Sinclair, he just seems to attract negative attention like flies to sh*t.

  2. Graham says:

    Not all buildings can last forever.

  3. Tom Harris says:

    Was Gary Davis know it was Sinclair who was doing the work?

  4. Tom Harris says:

    Sorry…did Gary Davis know it was Sinclair who was doing the work? If so, when.

  5. Al says:

    Shame on these two ladies that want to tear down a piece of Picton”s heritage. I have no mercy for Jim, he just seems to want to break the law. Hope they trow the book at him. What if the steeple fell into Main Street and landed on a car full of people?
    The owners were even there this morning greeting people on the street and telling them how great it was to see it coming down, so a well known local developer can build the new retail with luxury condo’s over top!

  6. humph says:

    I certainly wouldn’t feel sorry for that crook. that is sacrilegious ripping down that perfectly good church!!

  7. Janet says:

    Gimme a break!!!! This guy shouldn’t even be allowed to conduct this type of business if this is how he thinks it should be done! I hope he lands his sorry self in jail for this one too, someone is going to get hurt and it’s all because of blatant stupidity.

  8. Bonnie says:

    I, for one will be sad to see this church come down. I always thought it was one of Picton’s more attractive churches. I was even sad when it stopped being a church.

  9. Graham says:

    I don’t think its a valid complaint to complain about a church being re-purposed or ripped down when the community around it didn’t support it as a church. Along the lines of “use it or loose it”.

  10. anthony says:

    Garry Davis did not know it was Sinclair doing the job. The required permits had not been taken out.

  11. Andie says:

    Graham, while I do agree with your comment, it’s not so much about that as it’s about the fact that this guy just doesn’t seem to learn his lesson where any type of law is concerned. What wuld have happened if someone was walking near the church and been seriously injured because of his disregard for the rules. How does he even still have a business like this after all the other proven convictions he has?

  12. Lloyd says:

    It is a shame to see a piece of history come down for the sake of a modern developement. In today’s world, it is all about dollars, and few care about our past. It is very clear that both the building owners and Sinclair knew they were in the wrong because they chose a Sunday to do the deed. May God have mercy on their souls for this act of shame.

  13. Harry says:

    It was lucky that nobody was injured. This demolition process was an accident waiting to happen!

  14. R. says:

    Looks bad for how Picton is managed.

  15. mike says:

    The contractor, as well as the building inspector should join the ranks of the unemployed.
    Have had chances to return to my home town with a good job, man it sure has changed.

  16. Tammy B says:

    That is just sick to tear down a church on a Sunday, particularly when these jobs normally occur on a weekday, never a Sunday!! I think they went about it they way they did just to be jerks.

    Speaking of jerks, I hope justice is served and those buggers get what they deserve. They are nearly as cold hearted as those who take children away legally yet illegally with perjury commited. I think they are tearing down the wrong building. Oh if the tax payers ONLY KNEW what their money was being spent on for BS reasons. Surely they would demand that office be torn down and to start a fresh new one maybe just conjunct with the police so they could learn to follow the laws themselves!!! Imagine that!!

    I hope justice is served against these people for the danger they put our people in, for tearing down a church on a Sunday .. I get the creeps when I look at the church inside/out half torn .. at the same time it is posing more danger by leaving it like that. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THE PEOPLE GOT ARRESTED?? If you stole a chocolate bar you would, so does tearing down a church on a Sunday count and breaking the law and dangering the entire town as they did??? I don’t write the laws, but whoever did must have been thinking of themselves!!!!!!!

  17. Tammy B says:

    I hope he goes back to jail.

  18. Picton needs a new Tim Hortons says:

    Hey, thats a good spot for a new Tim Hortons!!!!!